Kaspersky Lab starts in the Zurich data processing users and opening of the first Center for transparency and

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Start today Kaspersky Lab in the processing of malicious files and suspicious that sends its users of their products, security in Europe, and in the data centers, the new police in the Swiss city of Zurich, Linda that the first part of the commitment the company announced late last year to transfer its operations to Europe in the framework of its initiative Global Transparency. The move reflects the resolve of Kaspersky Lab to ensure the efficiency of their products, reliability is high, and is associated with the opening of the first center of transparency in the company, also in Zurich.

It is intended to transfer the headquarters of the data processing part of the step taken by the company to develop and design the technical infrastructure and make it more flexible and to ward off the dangers of data breach attacks targeting the supply chains, and to prove the reliability of their products and services and internal processes.

It is planned, beginning November 13, the initiating the processing of data relating to the threats coming from users in Europe in the two data centers offer world-class facilities comply with the highest industry standards to ensure the highest levels of security.

Include data that users choose to watch Kaspersky Lab, suspicious files, whether malicious or unknown, the data descriptive of the sending company’s products to Kaspersky Security Network for automatic analysis of malicious software.

Include the file on only a portion of data that is processed by Kaspersky Lab, but the most important part. The protection of customer data next to the safety of the infrastructure and reliability of the most important priorities of Kaspersky Lab, which he attributed to reason in the decision to transfer the site files are processed, which is expected to be completed in full by the end of the year 2019. It is scheduled to transfer other types of data which are processed products of Kaspersky Lab, which consists of several varieties of the statistics of the threat and use of anonymous, during the subsequent stages of the Global Initiative for transparency.

Today marks the further opening of the first Center for transparency and continued for Kaspersky Lab in Zurich, allowing the partners authorized access to the audits conducted by the company Chef Software, Software updates, and the rules and discover threats, in addition to other activities. It is through the center of the transparency, will Kaspersky Lab to provide government and private agencies with information about their products and solutions, security, slots basic technical skills, in order to conduct external evaluations in a safe environment.

Will these two steps the two large transfer of data processing to other areas, and in the second stage, transfer the compiled software to Zurich.

Show independent ratings that Switzerland is among the best websites in the world in terms of the number of internet servers safe available, which enjoys a worldwide reputation as a center of innovative data processing infrastructure, high-quality assessment information. Has established Switzerland’s regulation of its own data privacy are guaranteed by the Constitution of the state and federal laws, owing to being in the heart of Europe.


But the country is not a member of the European Union. In addition, there are strict laws and regulations concerning the request of data processing received from the authorities.

On this occasion, said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said that transparency has become is the “new nature” in the information technology sector generally in the area of cyber security specifically, expressing pride that the Kaspersky Lab at the forefront of this, and added: “Our focus as a technology company, to ensure the best infrastructure to provide information for the security of our products and our data, and to transfer essential parts of our infrastructure to Switzerland to put them in one of the most popular sites safe in the world”.

Confirmed Kaspersky is that “the promises we made in our global transparency have begun to bear fruit, strengthened the flexibility of our products and clarity”, indicating that the center of the transparency of the new, which is the first of its kind in the sector of electronic security, in Switzerland “enable our partners trusted by government agencies and private companies see the audits conducted by external parties on our products and take decisions about them”, and ended to say: “these steps is only the beginning of our company and the industry of electronic security whole, you will become the need to prove the worthiness of the product one of the applicable standards in the sector soon.”

He had been the announcement of the Initiative, Kaspersky Lab Global Transparency in October of last year, and it continues to make good progress; it is in the framework of the initiative, in addition to the opening of the Healing Center and side of the IT infrastructure, the implementation of a number of other steps.

Said Kaspersky Lab, in this context, commissioned one of the professional services firms the Big Four conducted an audit of the practice of engineering relating to the establishment of rules and data rules to detect threats, and distribution, with a view to independently confirm its availability with the highest practices of security in the sector.

It is scheduled to conduct the evaluation according to the standards of SSAE 18 (statement of criteria for participation in the documentation). The scope of the evaluation the automatic updates regular the records of the anti-virus, which was created and distributed by Kaspersky Lab products operating systems servers Windows and Unix. The company plans to trade under the standard SSAE 18 via the issuance of the report SOC 2 (Service monitoring and) for the second quarter of 2019.

Moreover, Kaspersky Lab improve the security of their products with the help of community activists, security officers from all over the world. Said Kaspersky Lab, in just one year, resolving more than 50 problem code reported by security researchers, which have been noted to enjoy a number of them particular value.

Can learn more about the principles of transparency, have Kaspersky Lab and initiative for global transparency in the transaction www.kaspersky.com/about/transparency.

Profile for Kaspersky Lab:

Kaspersky Lab is a global company specializing in electronic security celebrated in the year 2017 the twentieth anniversary of its establishment. Kaspersky Lab is translating its expertise and deep constantly to the next generation of solutions and security services to protect businesses, and critical infrastructure, governments and consumers all over the world. Include its portfolio of products to private security companies to protect the points of the terminal and a number of security solutions and services specialized in combating digital threats cutting-edge and advanced. The Kaspersky Lab technologies to protect more than 400 million users, it also helps 270,000 from corporate clients to protect their assets. To learn more please visit www.kaspersky.com

This topic Kaspersky Lab start in the Zurich data processing users and opening of the first center of the transparency appeared on Engadget.

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