Kaspersky Lab offers a system of Polys of the building on the technique of block Qi to ensure a vote securely online

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كاسبرسكي لاب تقدم نظام Polys للتصويت الآمن عبر الإنترنت

Pat online voting to attract the attention of modern societies, such as communities scattered over wide geographical basis, or universities that you want to listen to the voices of its students wherever they are. As well polarized voting online lot of non-governmental organizations in the world, and municipalities that are looking for interaction with citizens in residential neighborhoods and engage residents across the city in decision-making processes. However, it may be the risks of making choices critical online is also high, where he explains the online vote of the Council for cyber criminals to manipulate the results.

In this context, the announced business incubator, a subsidiary of Kaspersky Lab, during the conference “Cyber Security Weekend” for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, from the innovation task offers a solution to this issue, is to grant a vote via the internet adjustable according to the needs of companies, communities and non-commercial organizations. This is based on an innovative solution on the technique of “block Qi” and is insured boards the encryption is transparent.

Becoming a lot of factors that restrict the voting process in the physical world on the ground evident in the world today is based on the Permanent implementation and on the achievement of efficiency in all its aspects; voting in person to the polling station, etc has become costly and is time-consuming and deep, it is often exposed or, at least, difficult to achieve, for people who are not physically present to cast their ballots. Can help to vote via the internet in overcoming these challenges, but in return brings many doubts regarding the guarantee of the safety of this process, making sure not to notice parties internal or external sounds.

Trained business incubator of for Kaspersky Lab’s team of talented developers who worked on the pilot project called-Polys, in the framework of a wider research project focused on exploring the potential applications of innovative technology such as the block Qi. This has led to the innovative solution of the new business aims to provide communities the ability to vote securely and anonymously online, with the results can not be changed or manipulated by the participants or the organizers.

Said Vartan Minasyan, head of the Department of investment and innovation have Kaspersky Lab, the business incubator at Kaspersky Lab, eager to support the task forces, technical specialists, whether internal or external, in the development of ideas and glossy magazines that can be implemented in various fields that require high levels of safety and security, he added: “One of those areas in the online vote, and when they look at our team in the possibility of implementing the technique of “block Chi” specifically, realize that this technique, coupled with our experience in the field of cyber security, to solve the main problems related to privacy, transparency and security in the processes of online voting, we’re excited because we have been able to create a suitable environment for the innovation of Interior”.

The system is based on Polys on the principle of the smart contracts that can be concluded on the platform interior Ethereum, sometimes referred to as the crystal your Chi 2.0, which is a public platform open source for distributed computing based on the technology block Qi and the function of concluding contracts smart that facilitate conclusion of the contract on the internet trying to contract with traditional providing elements of security and trust. This region is called the verification of the operations of voting and recording votes in a decentralized manner, its main feature is not in the possibility to verify the accuracy of the implementation of voting by participants in the network, due to the decentralized nature of the group to assess the block qi, as it is not stored voting data on the servers at all, but in the mass of information distributed on the computers of all participants in the network, which requires a survey, for example, penetrate all devices and access to individual datasets.

Also the technology allows voters to determine easily if the vote had been recorded correctly, while not show any notes in the sounds automatically if it occurs. And the advantage of transparency in the block Qi control the sounds and complete the control processes of voting and scrutiny by independent parties. The system does not require new additional resources or the need to attend the staff personally.

In addition, in the system of Polys to the encryption block Qi and support boards sports, what would help ensure the identity of the vote and hide the intermediate results and carry out calculations on encrypted data, which is can not be done in systems to block the Chi again because of the distributed nature of open development. System shows Polys as a creative distinct through the implementation of these algorithms in an environment contract smartphone, using the advantages of the block Qi and remove its restrictions.

It is scheduled to be source code for the Polys available to the public, allows anyone to test the technical underpinning, check them out and explore its aspects. Can any excited to introduce a block of Qi, and any specialist in the field of penetration testing, and any supporter of the outstanding voting website, find soon on the source code of these on the Web Platform GitHub at my open source.

For its part, the Utah Steiner, co-founder of the “IT technology”, carry her company to participate with the Polys as optional for this innovative project, indicating the growing demand on technology to block Chi by a large number of sectors, said: “the decentralization of voting procedures that guarantee the fairness of the process and there is a high level of confidence in the system”.

The system is designed Polys to support voting at all levels and for any number of participants. And can, on Special Request for the project, develop the product completely to become able to accommodate thousands of voters, both in international corporations contributing or political parties, universities or global communities or non-governmental organizations, or other entities. As can design this app according to the specific requirements of the realms of thinking and clear design and the integration with other services, is available only in selected areas, can interested parties learn more about availability and prices by filling out the contact form via the website.

And in addition to the amended service ready to use and available to everyone, based on the business model of a mixture of free and paid services. The effort of the training process for a vote to go to the website, create the poll in the Organizer Panel (The Panel work around the house) to mobilize information and to vote, as names of candidates or other participants and any additional details. The rest of the work, such as sending e-mail messages to voters and the counting of votes, is implemented by the system.

It can be through the website the same found on the more information about the system and techniques available.

Kaspersky Lab offers a system of Polys of the building on the technique of block Qi to ensure a vote securely online

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