Kaspersky Lab introduces a new generation of security solutions for consumers

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The company Kaspersky Lab updates the group key solutions for home users, designed to protect their privacy, their money, their memories cherished, ensuring peace of mind for their loved ones, as well as protect them from cyber attacks, where the user provides in the world of modern concessions to balance to stay in constant contact, and to maintain his privacy, but the more people to resort to various internet services, has increased the difficulty of maintaining the confidentiality of their personal information.

How to maintain the life style mobile requires that the user remains available at any time and in every place that he goes, because the social links and their personal welfare depends on the sustainability trend, here comes the role of Kaspersky Lab solutions to allow people to stay in constant contact regardless of the circumstances, but with the guarantee of the security of their privacy online.

The Kaspersky Lab more functions to its core product, such as Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Anti-Virus designed to protect users from the latest cyber threats and the most advanced, the company also introduced a performance improvements was to facilitate the settings and raise the efficiency of detection of threats in the solution of advanced Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security.

It also strengthened the Kaspersky Lab product portfolio with a new product completely is Kaspersky Security Cloud, which is a frequent service go in her work to the fullest extent to protect users from any problems you may encounter them in the digital world, came invented experts Kaspersky Lab to offer protection frequent this given that the behavior of men on the internet carries the attributes of its individual and is different from the behavior of other internet users.

And this solution is among the best elements of the episode the president of the company, including the leading security solutions from cyber threats available in the market, special scenarios and the ability to adapt, ability to adapt to the service provide completely protection when you need it, so depending on the behavior of the individual and the device that uses it.

And solution Kaspersky Security Cloud according to the system “to provide security as a service” Security-as-a-Service unique, which is linked to the owner of the account created on the portal My Kaspersky not with him, as that service is available on a subscription basis annual, monthly, and recognize a solution as a consultant to the user telling him immediately what needs to be done to maintain the security of the connection when needed, or to avoid exposing your personal data at risk when an accident caused by a threat.

And Kaspersky Lab a number of scenarios for how a solution such as if we assume that someone needs to send a confidential document promptly, and for a coffee in the nearest cafe and wireless internet, but this network is dangerous, as it can be for cybercriminals to intercept all data transmitted across it, here’s the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud to the reporting of this risk, depending on your settings, automatically running feature virtual private network, which encrypts all data sent and secured, no room for criminals to view the document the sender or get.

As the company explained that in the case of delivery of a person to the internet wireless home to someone and watch the secret of all the activities practiced by the residents of the home on the internet such as the web sites they visit and the messages they send and or type. using the network for free, the new solution from Kaspersky Lab to prevent this because it knows all the devices connected to the home network and informs the network aware of it.

While in the case the user put new password of his account on one of the social networks, but it was simple and easy password hack, the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud contains this password and displays the create a password more reliable, and creates the user how to do this, but it can help to generate a password won’t be able to hackers and criminals to identify them, what means permanent protection for the calculation of social networking.

If someone were late for an important appointment, like meeting the work like, is carried out the battery of his smartphone suddenly before being able to notify the person perspective by being late for the material, the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud to users of Android devices remaining time until the battery of the device completely.

Has the user finds that the hard drive in his laptop may give all its work files, photos, videos personality, new and old, etc., but the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud not only does regular backups of all user files, but it warns if it suspects that the hard drive is about to get a tuner.

And Kaspersky Lab to embed the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud in these scenarios and others, with renewed constantly, what can people stay connected with the protection level of their data thanks to the service repeated this new.

Became solution Kaspersky Security Cloud is available for use in the Middle East in three different versions, starting from the month of November, including a free version includes a limited number of scenarios, and only applies to one account and three devices at the same time, the version of personal service positions full for one account, five devices, and the version Family Vega up to 20 accounts and 20 device.

Said Dmitry Line, Vice President, Product Marketing, Kaspersky Lab, said that the police have been informed, during the development of the solution Kaspersky Security Cloud, the desire to create a service that can provide appropriate protection for individuals in a timely manner, indicating that the life of a users digital today is more than just a device connected to the internet, they have become a whole world no less important than the physical world.

He added: “Every person has a special scale, what means that everyone needs to be special protection to fit the unique style that characterizes his digital life. We see that the future of digital security lies in security solutions that adapt to the user, and with each member of his family, and with their environment and their behavior, and solution Kaspersky Security Cloud only our first step towards this future”.

The gate Arab News Technical Kaspersky Lab introduces new generation of security solutions for consumers

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