Kaspersky Lab: half of the SMEs suffer from cysts

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In spite of the lack of resources and funding of companies developing, they check the efficiency of through the use of applications to help manage projects and strengthen the processes of Sales, Customer Service, and it seems there is a question about the keenness of companies to safeguard customer data that are an essential element in this episode, and protection in an effective manner and ensure business continuity about the cyber risk is growing.

According to a report by company Kaspersky Lab , entitled “between the increased data devastation: the risks and rewards in the protection of personal data“, the nearly half of SMEs (42%) in 2017 to breach at least one of data, although the majority (72%) were satisfied that they protected, reliable, of the occurrence of such incidents.

Organizations seeking to maintain its operations

Small businesses need to keep up with its competitors and new products and services quickly to maintain its success, in this context, the use of digital tools is essential in enabling collaboration and project management and planning to cope with clients.

Should be to operate these tools properly and to be accessible to all the employees it needs, and this is the reason why firms seek to maintain the continuity of their business operations life, but when it comes to the security of Information Technology, one of the major concerns I have 40 percent of the companies consists in the loss of access of its staff to internal services or the access of customers to their own services.

Are companies prepared to face data breaches

The data that support services are an important part of the sales operations and planning, which include transfers and customer information, according to the report which contains the results of a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab, the vast majority of companies (94%) storage of financial reports and customer data profile, such as account numbers (80%) and data bank cards (78%), on employees ‘ devices, servers, internal systems and public cloud.

And with this abundance in data, while the majority of SMEs (72%) it’s stable and comforting to being fully equipped to protect the data, it seems that this sense of security, as they suffered a 42% of SMEs in 2017 of at least one incident affected the security of their data, while suffered more than a quarter of companies (27%) between two and five incidents of data breach.

The study found Kaspersky Lab that more than 40 percent of the cases, the stored personal data of customers within companies subjected to such incidents, in this context, he told Sergei Marine Unit Head of marketing commercial products have Kaspersky Lab, the digital transformation gives small and medium businesses new opportunities for growth, indicating that the collaboration services applications and other digital “can have a significant impact on achieving efficiency and success for the long term”.

The official stressed in the Kaspersky Lab on the importance of thinking in how the security of those applications and services and the integrity of the data that it contains, to ensure that added something of a weakness and risk to the company, added: “the company may lose control over their data in the context of increasing complexity of the technical infrastructure, in order to prevent competing companies from falling victim to breaches of transverse or attacks planned, consideration should be given to technical security as one of the keys to success, which is no less important than financial considerations, legal and personnel”.

It is Shan the following measures to help companies maintain the security of data and applications, so employees can negotiate for the operations of the core business and focus on:

  • Identify someone to be responsible for the security of the technical infrastructure and data security, this can be the position of the Information Technology Department or external partner.
  • With being the incidence of malware to more traditional security incidents technical frequently (by 51%), can reduce their risk by educating and sensitizing staff that he should not open emails from unknown senders or downloading software from unauthorised sources or use the USB media non-specific when dealing with sensitive data.
  • Loss of hardware or storage media is the second most frequent type of incident (45%), so it is necessary to use encryption to ensure no loss of important data when the loss of a device.
  • Control installation and regular updates of software and patches on all devices.
  • If employees are using cloud storage tools cloud, including databases, should ensure the reliability of these services, it is better to restrict the usage by a small number of providers.
  • It is important to remember that the responsibility for the security of company data always fall on the shoulders of the police, even if the data stored in the public cloud or within a cloud-based application, and the suppliers the security environment of the cloud fully, but they may not guarantee the safety of company data stored in them.
  • Data protection is important, for small and medium businesses use solutions that have been developed specifically for this category of companies, for example, the solution combines Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business properties, data encryption, application control and gaps and repair, IT solution includes Kaspersky Lab’s latest is Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Functions to protect data on devices, even in the event they are lost or stolen, through password protection, as well as characteristics of the theft protection, which can lock the content or locate it or wipe it from the device.

The gate Arab News Technical Kaspersky Lab: half of SMEs suffers from dementia.

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