Kaspersky Lab: digital identities are sold for less than fifty dollars in the “dark web”

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Concluded a new study conducted by company Kaspersky Lab noted that a small number of users realize the value of the information stolen online, while many of them have heard about identity theft, electronic or even fallen victim to cyber crimes.

Revealed the study conducted by the Russian company leading in information security to digital identities, which may not be of significant financial value to the users, are an important asset to criminals in other ways.

The research revealed an appetite have cybercriminals to steal data from digital services is widespread, as social networking and gaming sites. It can lead to user confusion about the value of its data to approach random about security, it’s easy for thieves to steal data and commit crimes.

According to the study, may be the data that was stolen because of the inaction of individuals toward the security of their identity, digital, limited value when re-sold, but can be used in various other applications, which can cause big trouble to the victims who may lose the money and repeated their reputation, may find themselves demanding the payment of debts hold by the criminals they elected their identity, or suspects in crimes committed by other people sought refuge, to beg their identities stolen.

Conducted Kaspersky Lab’s investigation into the markets in what is known as the network of the “dark web” to see how much the financial value of personal data, and how they are used by criminals, found the researchers the police that criminals are selling a copy of digital life full stolen someone’s less than $ 50, including data, social media accounts, bank details and remote access to servers, desktops, and even data services as well as AWeber and Netflix are available Spotify, added to the sites electronic games and apps for dating sites and porn that may store credit card information. At the same time, the researchers found that the price paid for the account that is hacked no more than one dollar, but the council offers discounts on bulk purchases.

The most common ways to steal this kind of Data Protection Act or exploit security loopholes in applications related to the web. And after a successful attack on the passwords of the steps that have been seized. With the use of many of the individuals password uniform for several accounts, you may be able to attackers who use these data to gain access to the accounts of the individuals themselves on other platforms.

And I found the study interesting things, that some criminals who are selling the data they provide to the buyers to ensure them a lifetime, so the buyer will receive a new account for free if you stop one of the accounts from work.

It is clear that the data breach is a big threat to everyone, as confirmed David Jacoby, a senior security researchers have Kaspersky Lab, who said that this threat applies at individual and community level, attributing the cause to that stolen data are used in the “financing of many social evils”, he added: “There is in the corresponding steps we can take to prevent it, such as the use of security solution letter, and our awareness of the amount of data that is the result of a free to other parties, particularly in the definition files available to the public in social networking sites”.

Said Kaspersky Lab’s individuals can avoid these risks by taking several steps security easy and should become an integral part of any life Digital for the internet user, including the always check the validity of the link address and e-mail of the sender before clicking on anything in the email, to stay safe from phishing attacks. As Will robust security solutions to warn the user if you try to visit a web page stores.

In order to avoid the occurrence of any incident of leak of the data could harm the beauty of the identity of the user digital, it is advised not to use the same password for multiple websites or services. Can create strong passwords and anti-permeable and to overcome the problem of remembering them, using apps to manage passwords.

In order to enable the user to identify who can be of his personal data in his possession, can resort to services that you are looking automatically for the user data in a large number of sources.

The gate Arab News Technical Kaspersky Lab: digital identities are sold for less than fifty dollars in the “dark web”

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