Kaspersky Lab: 33% of employees have access to files from their places of work previous

Showed study new research conducted by Kaspersky Lab and titled “Solving the problem of digital clutter in companies” that 33 percent of employees are still able to access files and documents belonging to the places of their previous work, making corporate data and performance at risk.

As Can former employees use these files for the purposes and interests of the person in their new work place or even erased or sabotaged by mistake, what companies are forced to waste time and effort in attempts to retrieve it instead of focusing on business tasks.

Companies include their data in an awkward situation its inability to control the actions of current and former employees.

It is difficult for companies today track their data and find places to save, and who would have access to it, at any time and through any means, due to their growing dependence on digital files, applications and collaborative services to share files.

And these practices serve as the chaos of the Digital, which becomes a practical barrier and cause the failure to secure stored data digitally from imminent threats.

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The danger in unauthorized access to the files of the party is not available, namely, the former employees who did not cut their contact with the service email or messaging application or a cloud-based system for the company, such as files Google.

This is of concern due to the ignition of the files on the materials protected by intellectual property rights, and their secrets, learn to drive, as well as other data is private or protected, it may get leaked to criminals or competitors damaging to the network.

Was endorsed by 72 percent of respondents in the study of Kaspersky Lab that they are working on files that contain various types of sensitive data.

The study also found that employees waste time in finding the correct files or find data being stored in different places due to the chaos in the storage of the data digital.

Found 57 percent of office staff sources in creating the files during their work, said 58 percent: they use the device itself to work for the purposes of personal, what may lead to the reproduction of the data or share it and update the intricacies of the errors in the work.

The cause of this mess in the risk to data if it falls in the hands of others, or even competitors.

Have to take the consequences the form of fines and claims of the lawsuit with the customers, as a result of violation of agreements, non-disclosure of information or data protection laws.

Approved 29 percent of employees being engaged with their colleagues in data access to their devices, highlighting the safety problem of the access to work files.

Became staff tend to see their colleagues a lot of things in the work environment, starting from the stationery, office and even ideas and devices, so under the prevalence of a culture of openness in the work and cooperative action.

Although some habits that are followed by employees, such as bad password management behaviors that appear not indifferent to their sensitive company data, it may not lead to risk penetrating this data directly, but refer to the need to raise public awareness of the risks.

May cause a mess to store digital files and unauthorized access to data incidents breakthrough data and crimes digital.

Lead Digital Anarchy, in most cases, to the occurrence of the disorder in work and waste of time and energy in retrieving files lost due to the chaos, as explained by Sergei presence president product marketing companies have Kaspersky Lab.

He assured Sergei that these problems are as a put you don’t want companies never, especially small and developing companies, which are trying to always work efficiently and stay in the competition.

He explained that the fight against chaos, the proper management of the powers of access to files, and the use of digital security solutions for the appropriate steps are not only intended for protection from digital threats, but also to ensure the effective functioning efficiently and without interruptions, where lie all the files in the proper place to the persons concerned only easily accessible, which helps in achieving the objectives of the company.

Would the following steps help in making sure not to effect the chaos of electronic data protection practices in companies:

  • Policies that limit the access of the employee to file the company accounts e-mail and shared folders, with war on the immediate abolition of the powers of entry immediately upon the departure of the employee from the company.
  • Constant reminders of the regulations regarding digital security in the company, even the employees think it.
  • The use of encryption to protect corporate data stored on the devices, with a backup to ensure ease of access to information in the event of loss of the original ones.
  • Encourage employees to maintain the privacy of passwords and use of your information and not share it with anyone, whether inside or outside the company.
  • In the case of the adoption of the joint action across cloud services, the company can choose the security solution digital cloud that fits its size, such as (Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud) for small and medium enterprises, or (Kaspersky Small Office Security) for small businesses under 25 employees.

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