Kaspersky confirms: smart watches tools to spy on its users

Showed analysis conducted by Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab, relates to the impact of the proliferation of the Internet of things IOT in the life of everyday users and the security of their information, that smart watches could become tools to spy on its users through the pooling of the signals of the accelerometers, gyroscope, silent, which can be invoked after the analysis to create groups of personal data of the owner of the previous. If misused this data from external agencies, may be exposed to the user to the risk monitor his movements the whole, including the use of its information delicate.

According to the news report, showed a sector cyber security over the past years to data and personal information has become a commodity. expensive, due to the use of the criminal infinite, such as diagnostic digital on the victims of cyber criminals, and also for their usefulness in developing the predictions of the market based on the actions of users. But with the increasing consumer concern about misuse of their personal information, especially with the increased focus on online platforms and methods of data collection, sources remained the danger of other, less apparent are not sufficiently protected. For example, uses many devices to follow physical activity and sports as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but that may be not risk factors.

I usually use smart devices wearable like watches, smart devices and follow-up physical activity, in sports activities, to monitor fitness levels and receive alerts relating to it. Most of these devices with sensors for total, built with sensors to change (gyroscope) to count steps and determine the user’s location. And the experts of Kaspersky Lab research into the nature of the information that may be given by sensors and the measurements that the Parties to the face of external unauthorized access, and taking a closer look at a number of smart Watches from several companies.

The experts were able to develop simple software for smart watches record the signals from the accounts of the registration and training in order to examine this issue. And stored the recorded data on either the device memory or transferred to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

It was possible to identify behavioral patterns and time periods in which the user moves and places that it went, and the extent of time spent in the exercise of those activities, through mathematical algorithms available for the purpose of processing the dialogue in the smart device. But more importantly, it was also possible to identify the sensitive activities carried out by users, such as entering a password on the computer (strictly amounted to 96%), the introduction of personal code on your ATM (to be precise, 87%), open lock phone (to be precise, 64%).

The group data signal itself behavioral patterns unique and vary from device owner to another. And become able to any external party, if I take note of that, that goes to far, trying to determine the identity of the user, either through an e-mail address required during the registration process in the app, or through access to information access to the account via the device agent for Android. Nor is it to be only a matter of time until it is determined detailed information about the victim, including routine activities of daily moments in which to enter personal data important, can because of the high value, that the victim finds himself in a world where to make a profit the physical.

And even if he doesn’t exploit it in the material profit, but to achieve malicious purposes, it might be possible consequences only limited to the imaginations of the criminals and the extent of their technical expertise. For example, the criminals to decrypt signals received using neural networks, or cut the road in front of the victim, or put the card readers in ATM’s of their favorite. The experienced team of experts Kaspersky Lab how can criminals achieve an accuracy of 80% when you try to decrypt the signals register and the password or code using data taken from the smart watch only.

Sergei Laurie, a security expert and writer participating in the preparation of the study research has the Kaspersky Lab, the smart devices wearable technology is not just tools mini, but the physical systems of electronic be able to record physical factors, storage, processing, added: “the clearer our search to algorithms simple that operating on the smart watch itself is sufficient to diagnose signals and training unique. It is then possible to use these diagnoses to discover the identity of the user and tracking his movements, right up to the moment I entered sensitive information, all through the application of sound customized for smart watches that could send data to external parties without the user’s knowledge”.

Advised researchers of Kaspersky Lab users attention behaviors not usual following when you wear smart devices:

  • If you send the application a request for information about personal accounts, that matter of concern, because the criminals they can build a “digital fingerprint” easily for the owner of the device.
  • If you sent the application also request to obtain data on the geographical location, it is also a cause for concern. It should not give user applications to track activities and fitness that come down on your powers is not necessary, or using his mail etc to work within the data entry to the account.
  • Is the rapid consumption of battery of the device also cause for concern. If you over charge the battery in a few hours instead of a full day, then the user should lose what does the device exactly, it is contained that he says the flow records to specific signals or sends them to another place.

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