Kalashnikov Ross seeks to put an end to buy Delivery American

كلاشينكوف روسي يسعى لوضع حد لشركة تسلا الأمريكية

The Russian-American conflict since World War II, but in various forms no doubt, while the machine gun Kalashnikov and M-16 there was a long history between the poles of conflict in all the world during the Cold War and beyond, or even the support poles of conflict in many countries, and of course this continued in many areas; guns were a part of many conflicts included the areas of space, science, technology, and other of the most important areas of the world.

Moment! Perhaps some wonder why the article remote from the technical, well, we can say that the company that made that month a Russian gun at all, seeking to put an end to one of the most prominent tech companies in the world currently. As the company Kalashnikov made ordinary cars, vehicles and small four-wheel “impact”, studies, all-electric or hybrid.

The company says it’s made electric vehicles fully for a competition months the business relationship in the field of electric vehicles “Tesla”, and to limit competition and availability of alternatives to high potential users in all over the world. This car is designed in a classic way Soviet cars old and it is the model CV-1, which is inspired by the car Izh 2125 , known as Combi.

According to the company, the new car can handle about 350 km continuously thanks to their batteries that come with a capacity of 90 kW in the former, as to speed up from 0 to 100 km in 6 seconds only. This is actually more than the Tesla Model 3 which is going about 310 km and 10.5 seconds to get from 0 – 100 km, but less than a Tesla Model S that needs 2.5 seconds to reach for it and you could walk more than 500 km on the card.

Since it is the first of the police cars that function fully electrically, it alludes to the great potential that may provide in a short time to compete against global companies, especially companies such as Mercedes and BMW entered on the line in this area, which gives it added prior to competition due to its brand.

On the other side, which gives the exciting and the largest Russian company, is that they launched small cars four-wheel drive “cone” and similar bikes but they run on electricity, i.e. they offer numerous options to users to provide a variety of vehicles, and certainly the Miss Kalashnikov – the Russian government has added its products to the line of the arsenal of government.

After this talk about the car Kalashnikov New, we go back to our introduction that talks about the long conflict in all fields between the United States and Russia, and we see about the possibility of the match climbing and talk about the beginning of Miss Ross, the last in the field of electric cars, or about the superiority of the American level in this field, or even superiority of another State; who will prevail in achieving the great point for electric cars in the coming years?

We leave you with pictures of the car CV-1

كلاشينكوف روسي يسعى لوضع حد لشركة تسلا الأمريكية

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