Kafr hour luxury iPhone XS $ 26,900 SR !

Know company Caviar Russian designs luxury custom phones for iPhone, has today announced the version more luxurious than the iPhone Xs/Xs Max, which was announced recently, where the House of design this Russian the status of the back carries the H-back works to highlight the components of the mechanical part of the new collection as the Grand Complications Skeleton.

Come Women allocated to the three colors are rose gold, titanium in addition to black and gold, where he was making these modifications of titanium and went the fact.

Been carving the back of the phone by placing multiple gears made of gold or titanium, shiny, and with a small clock with a transparent cover allows have a look at the gears driving.

As expected, come iPhone modified at a costly price starts at 6,320 dollars, equivalent to 23,700 Sr the proportion of male syphilis, and 6, $ 490, equivalent 24,340 real proportion of titanium, to be women that destroy between the color black and gold are the most expensive as usual, at the price of 7,160 USD, equivalent to 26,850$, where prices are based on the iPhone XS, as in the case of a request Xs maxi, then add $ 230, equivalent to 860 SAR extra for any of these women.



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