Justifies its price transparent back case for iPhone XR?

A few days ago the official Apple store added unusual accessory for the first time the company has released a clear case of own production. Accessory available exclusively for the iPhone XR, but its price, no doubt, will scare away a large number of potential buyers. How is this case justifies its cost? This question tried to understand Jeff Benjamin, journalist 9to5Mac, which was one of the first new product at their disposal.

For many years third-party accessory manufacturers produce various options transparent covers. And unfortunately, not always successfully — in most cases, these accessories are deteriorating rapidly, acquiring an unpleasant yellow tint. And very interesting to learn how this plan will show up transparent back case from Apple.

Speaking of which, I was surprised that Apple didn’t offer anything to consumers before the official release of the transparent case. No silicone or leather, or any other covers. This position can be understood — it would be strange if such a bright and colorful case concealed inconspicuous case.


Accessory comes in a simple package with a simple text “Clear Case”. Reveals the packaging is as simple as any other Apple product. In our case, it is sufficient to pull the label down.

Unlike the majority of similar transparent covers, the accessory is made in solid form — as materials used polycarbonate and flexible TPU. To put a cover on the smartphone is very simple — you must first insert the top part of the device, and then lock the bottom.

Interestingly, the case doesn’t collect dust and lint, as do similar cases from other manufacturers. Wearing case can securely hold a smartphone in hand, the material is tactile and not slippery.

The main objective of any cover is to protect the device from scratches and falls, and with this transparent case from Apple to cope with a Bang. Through the sides of the accessory protects the display, if you put the smartphone on the table face down. By the way, the same projection is for the camera.

In General, transparent case Apple can be called successful. He doesn’t make the smartphone bulky smartphone it looks neat and expensive. But still some shortcomings worth mentioning.

Buttons — this is the main problem of this case. Clicking on one of them, there is no tactile response, which symbolized that the press has worked out right.

Personally, I’m happy with my purchase. But to decide whether this accessory your money still get. If you are not willing to pay such a sum, I recommend looking at options from other manufacturers.

Recall that the official cost of the accessory in the Apple online store 3490 rubles.

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