Jumia: 20% cash back for designers for the eyes of the appropriate

In the framework of the celebration of the national team to participate in the greatest sporting event “World Cup in Russia 2018,” announced the company jumia Egypt Jumia working in the field of electronic commerce, and buying and selling online for its decision to return 20% of the value of the customer purchases “cash back” in case they qualified for the next round in accordance with the conditions and rules applicable in the Egyptian market.

He was the engineer Hisham safwat, Chief Executive Officer of jumia, expressed his happiness for the national team to get to participate in the World Cup after an absence of 28 years, stressing that jumia aim of this step is to stand next to the region of interest through mobilize designers to promote their products and the difficulty for the finals in the World Cup.

Added safwat, in a press release, to help promote the area through his career in World Cup Russia 2018 is considered a national duty on the part of companies to encourage the national team and the introduction of the spirit of delight and joy in the hearts of all fans, noting that the GOM aims to encourage designers to use the internet in the process of buying and selling in order to increase the rate of e-commerce”.

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