Julian Assange is facing 17 counts new jail him for up to 170 years

Released a US Justice Department indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of 17 a new charge pertaining to obtaining information of the defense and national security without a license.

She described the Ministry of justice carried out by WikiLeaks that one of the biggest intrusions and leaks of classified information in U.S. history.

After the arrest of Assange last month from the embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom in which he resides since 2012, received a sentence of imprisonment for a year and violating bail conditions.

The United States is trying to deport Assange to achieve his charges against us and plotting to break through the passwords with Chelsea Manning.

But all previous charges – including charges of rape in Sweden – not the seriousness of the new regulation that each one of them the possibility of imprisonment for 10 years maximum penalty.

The imprisoned Manning last week after refusing to provide her testimony before the hearing committee on the issue of WikiLeaks and Assange, as we know that Manning provided the bulk of the documents leaked and published via the WikiLeaks website.

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