Joystick PlayStation 5 might come a touchscreen

According to a patent recently published, Sony has tentative plans to integrate the touch screen with controller PlayStation.

Enjoy the ARM controller PlayStation 4 right-middle, which allows the user to navigate within the menus by touch or view statistics about the game for you while you play is what makes us wondering about the role of the screen that will replace it.

You’re likely to lose the screen in the display information during play, it is expected to provide a new interface to interact with the toys and doing jobs such as direct broadcast and respond to requests to join games and friendship requests.

What you seek Sony makes us remember the failed Wii U of Nintendo, but the company quickly fixed her mistake by submitting the device switch, since having a touch screen will raise the cost of the control arm can provide additional value to reward the user!

Recall that current reports on the arrival of the PlayStation 5 in the period between 2019 and 2021.

Source: TechCrunch

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