Joy miner: Sapphire will release a graphics card for mining Grin

Cryptocurrency Grin on the new Protocol MimbleWimble continues to gain popularity in the industry. Now even the manufacturers of the equipment connected to the hype in an attempt to capitalize on the new blockchain.

Hong Kong-based company Sapphire recently announced a new SAPPHIRE RX 570 16GB HDMI Blockchain Graphics Card designed specifically for the production of Grin. According to the manufacturer, this GPU will be the first device in “a new family of devices” that will support the mining of cryptocurrency.

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Recall release Grin took place this month. The project is dedicated to improving privacy in cryptosphere thanks to a new Protocol MimbleWimble. Technology is supposed to completely hide transactions and assets from prying eyes.

New GPU from Sapphire will be able to work with the algorithm of Cuckoo Cycle, which is the basis of Proof-of-Work Grin. According to company representatives, video card 570 RX “one of the few who can effectively mine Cuckatoo 31+”. The future strategy of the manufacturer in General terms, described the Vice-President of marketing Department Sapphire’s Adrian Thompson.

For future products we will connect the new 16 GB card as a Supplement to the existing series INCA and MGI.

At the moment GPU is not yet available for pre-order, but soon they will be available through the official website of the company. The price of devices is not specified.

We will remind, earlier experts of Bank of international settlements saidthat Bitcoin can survive only with the rejection of the Proof-of-Work. When the number of mined bitcoins will approach 21 million, transaction fees can not cover all the expenses of the miners.

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It turns out, Sapphire is trying in vain to go in this direction? Not quite. To talk about the death of the PoW, as well as the hashing is still early. More details about the new hardware and its profitability can be found in our chat.


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