JOT Battery Base will make Google Home Mini Autonomous and Den Series will turn it into Mickey mouse

If you want to upgrade your smart-column Google Home Mini, the Ninety7 and accessories from OtterBox can to help you with this.

As you know, Google Home Mini only works from the network, however there is a small hack, I was telling you about in the review of this column – in order to make it Autonomous, it is enough to connect powerbank. Now there is another, more elegant option. The company Ninety7 presented a special dock for Google Home Mini, which allows it to operate without being connected to a power source.

And if to be more precise, JOT Battery Base and serves as the source. Inside the device has an embedded battery, which should be enough for 8 hours of work Home Google Mini. When the base is drained, it is sufficient to connect the power cable from the smart column.

JOT Battery Base available in two colors: silver and carbon. The cost of the device is $34.95.

But the accessory maker OtterBox, thanks to the cooperation of Google and Disney, has released a docking station for Google Home Mini that turns it into Mickey mouse. The bottom part is like shorts a mouse, and located on top of the ears. The cord, in turn, acts as the tail.

Den Series for Google Home Mini can be purchased on the OtterBox website for $19.95.

Sources: AndroidPolice, TechCrunch

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