“Jooki”.. player music made specifically for children

Almost everyone who have young children involved in the suffering of the one, they leave their phone for hours with their children, whether to play it or hear the music, however, the parents are required to always change the music or songs more than once with each Signal MS of the child.

Will the music-playing device “Juke” Jooki this problem, it’s a device to play music made specifically for children, easy to handle also makes it easier to deal with cut peas, which is very safe from any electrical connections may be hazardous to a child, it works with a battery is shipped, it is eco-friendly and does not contain screen of the control complex.

Works music player “Jock” Jooki through installation pieces distinctive as children, where each piece on a music file or a tale of sound and entertaining work once you put them in their place on the top of the device.

Besides, the smartphone app of the annex, with “Juke” permitted to upload any music or audio file on any of the pieces, as it can communicate with any other device via Wi-Fi network WiFi, to play music directly on the “Jock”.

The design and colors of your “Jock” distinctive and attractive to the child, and succeeded in attracting the attention of children, who dealt easily with the device all enjoyed, is available for purchase via a crowdfunding indigogo at the price of $ 199 only (3,500 pounds).

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