Jony Ive has revealed the secret of the success of AirPods

It is no secret that the AirPods is very popular around the world. Many are even willing to close their eyes to the considerable cost of the accessory – all in order to finally get wireless headphones Apple. Without a doubt, the design and creation of such product – no easy task. Apple design chief jony Ive decided to lift the veil of secrecy and tell you how it was developed the cult headphones.

The secret of success AirPods, according to the chief designer of the Corporation in the incredible attention to detail. According to Ive, Apple very carefully approached to the creation of wireless headphones.

We have spent a tremendous amount of time to study such aspects as the search for the optimum strength of the magnetic attraction and the volume of the click when you close the case. We spent a lot of time to find the correct position of the headphones in the case. I really like these details. They make a huge contribution to the pleasure of using AirPods

The designer said that during the development of complex technical devices, the company aims to cover all aspects of design. Whether it be color, shape, and even the type of construction — all this is of paramount importance and helps to determine the philosophy of the future product.

However, the process of developing headphones was not easy, says Ive. The engineers task was to create a reliable mechanism of the case, and the designers had the issue of visual aesthetics.

You have no idea how long we’ve developed this product. This was preceded by a huge series of trial and error. Focusing on the details, we were able to get the correct result, — said the chief designer of Apple.

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