John McAfee: do not panic in a bear market

Panic is for the weak. Even fully impaired portfolio with aldaine is not a reason for discouragement. So says John McAfee, known for his bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin. As he said on Twitter, the last plums of the stock market was another “Kriptonika”, which will end soon.

Cancel the panic!

After a couple months of apparent stability Bitcoinfinally began to move. At the moment, the market is rapidly moving down as the cryptocurrency at the last moment surrendered to the onslaught of the bears. Many traders believe that this is not the end, and Bitcoin will fall to a new bottom.

4800 dollars is not the limit. I have previously made a prediction that turned out to be incorrect. Judging by the volume, we are still far from the bottom. Up to this point last discharge was relatively weak (if judged only by trade volumes).

While altcoins are even more losses. It is noteworthy that Bitcoin Cash has become the most disastrous investment last week. Hard forks after the cryptocurrency fell by almost two times. For the last day of BCH lost more than 28 percent of the cost.

The Ethereum also lost a significant part of its capitalization, now the coin is in third place in the ranking of Coinmarketcap.

But John McAfee doesn’t consider what is happening something serious.

People panicked. Now there is no need, we are in a bear market. I’m 73 and I managed to see a great deal on different markets. Bearish trend is similar to winter, because it is always followed by beautiful spring. Relax!

McAfee optimism was supported by the BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee, who announced the beginning of a phase of surrender in the auction of Bitcoin. With the events unfolding in full accordance with the forecast Tony Weiss. Earlier, he talked about reducing the main cryptocurrency up to $ 3,000 before ballroom.


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John McAfee: do not panic in a bear market

John McAfee has a scandalous reputation, but this does not prevent him to influence the mood of the players of the stock market. In spite of the growing panic around the falling Bitcoin billionaire still retains a positive attitude. It is reported AMBCrypto.

John McAfee believes in Bitcoin

Last week was a real test for the bulls. Bitcoin shows no signs of changing the bearish trend, and most of the traders start to panic. At the same time, the major crypto currency exchange are subjected to harassment by the authorities. However, McAfee does not see anything wrong in the recent events. According to him, the draining of Bitcoin will not last longer than a month.

Don’t panic due to the fall of Bitcoin. It’s just too sharp reaction of the crowd on the investigation into manipulation on Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken and itBit. Pressure from the States for a little delay bullrun, but not longer than 30 days. Do not give in to the fear, buy the crypt.

The message McAfee was supported by other traders on Twitter. The user Felix Lopez was advised to be more patient and not to hurry with their decisions. Other commentators have accused McAfee in hiding the obvious manipulation of price.

Are you trying to prove to us that this is not a consequence of the actions of the whales? Oh well, draining hundreds of dollars for a couple of minutes may not be natural, so the big players only shake traders out of positions. The crypt is too centralized, and we’re talking about some kind of decentralization. John, it is time to discuss real things!

Bearish trend can become the perfect environment for price manipulation. Recall, for this weekend, the stock market lost about $ 50 billion capitalization, and the price of Bitcoin fell to a two-month low.

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