Joe Lubin: get out your sunglasses bright future of cryptocurrencies blind

Co-founder of one of the main cryptocurrency Ethereum ETH in his Twitter urged all to celebrate the bottom of Bitcoin in 2018. According to Lubin, the bottom of the stock market is characterized by “epic amounts of fear, uncertainty and doubt”. This is especially pronounced in niche media. In the continuation of the tweet, the founder of the platform on the basis of blockchain Ethereum ConsenSys probably commented on a few recent messages that his company is reducing staff.

At ConsenSys no problem, we just adjusted the balance and set new priorities. This process is not associated with the collapse of the stock market and started about 9 months ago.

According to him, the company continues to invest in projects as befits a technology incubator and venture capital firm. In addition, ConsenSys even hiring new specialists for the internal projects that play a key role in the development of the company. In addition, Lubin drew attention to the abuse of excessive speculation and paranoia, which inflate the bloggers and the media, with no real data to confirm his words.

At the end of the message Lubin once again expressed optimism regarding the future of the ConsenSys and infrastructure Ethereum.

The sky is not falling. Personally, I see a very bright future. So bright to the next 2019 what if you could see my eyes, you’d have to wear sunglasses.

Last week flashed the news that ConsenSys begins to get rid of her previously-funded startups. According to sources, ConsenSys planned to reduce 50-60 percent of 1,200 of its employees. However, Cointelegraph reported that the reduction in cryptocotyle seem quite mild in comparison with what is happening in the industry around the world. More data look at cryptodata.

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