Jobs and the future and run for president.. what did He say about the head of Apple?

Despite the lack of Tim Cook, current CEO of the attractiveness of its founder and former CEO steve jobs, but that the technology world is expected to join him when he speaks. For still one of the largest companies in the world, and has one of the most successful products that ever experienced by mankind.

In dialogue with recent American billionaire David rubenstein was broadcast via a check Bloomberg Bloomberg, in which he talked about a lot of things.

1 – consumers

Speaking of Apple’s profits, consumers, cook said, “we see that the price of our shares and profit rewards are the result of to take a decision right on the side innovative and creative and focus on the correct products, the treatment of our consumers that they are precious jewels and focus on the user experience”.

2 – Look to the distant future

When asked he says his analysts from the proceeds of a quarter of the company’s annual cook replied “I did it once as said the analysts, but is no longer. We’re running Apple’s long-term and the pleasure that there is a consistency in the number of units sold during the 90 days. We take decisions that involve multiple resolutions inside of her aims for the future in the long term, not to make a quick profit”.

3 – Apple’s new headquarters

Design Apple’s new headquarters, which looks like a ship of space, the level of the vision of its founder, the late Steve Jobs, the place of business must facilitate the employees to work them with multiple areas that intersect without prior planning, to see the level of creativity and innovation.

4 – work parking.

Cook was asked also about the importance of working from a standing position and he replied that he was granted all employees to Apple offices can work on them from a standing position, to position a little and sitting a little bit which improves his lifestyle.

5 – Steve Jobs convinced him to join Apple in 3 minutes

Moves cook from joining Apple, saying “Steve Jobs returned to buy the Compaq and replaced the executive team and I thought it was a chance to talk to the guy who started this board. I met Steve on Saturday for a few minutes then I thought I want to do it. There was a twinkle in his eye I haven’t seen in the eye of any Chief Executive before, it was like a spin to the left while everyone goes right.”

“At the time he comes out a lot of the market, describing it as a bath of blood, Jobs was focused on the consumer. As he was talking to him and questions raised by the different as well, before I left directly I was thinking that I’d like to offer me a job because I want to do it right.”

6- “I didn’t think that the departure of Steve Jobs will come that fast.”

Cook said: “We have an open work environment, so can most of us finish a sentence someone else working with him, even when we disagree. And Steve shares his thoughts with everybody all the time, so it was different and you see the CEO of eternal company with an understanding of the type of relationship that change here. But it didn’t go that way”.

7 – a passion for jobs of the iPhone

Speaking of the iPhone, cook said: “there was a feeling that this mid-depth and it will change the market, and referring to Luke’s declaration of Steve about, you can feel the passion. I remember this like yesterday”.

8. privacy is a fundamental human right

Of course raised is the privacy to the CEO for Apple: “we see Privacy as a fundamental human right, so we take the minimum of customer data is just what we need to provide great service, then we protect it through encryption.”

9 – open up on my personal life for the purpose of greater

Referred rubenstein to unravel the cook about some of the details of his personal life to cook: “I did it for the purpose of greater, after the realization that there are a lot of children are not treated well even within their families, they need someone telling them they do good deed in life. The fact that a gay child does not mean that death sentence sometimes.”

10 – 260 million.

And speaking of reserve Apple cash, valued at $ 260 million, and the intention of the company to do is cook said: “We will create a new headquarters within the United States of America, and will take care of the two 20 thousand people, and sent 30 million of core capital in the years following. Mainly we’re investing a lot inside the country, we’re also getting part of our stock because we see value”.

11 – will you be a candidate for the US presidential election

I am not a politician although my focus is on political matters, but there is a kind of dysfunction in Washington. And I can do a lot to change the world from my position.

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