Jimmy song: Bitcoin Cash has no real value

In a recent interview the developer of Bitcoin touched on the current state of the stock market, in particular, Bitcoin Cash. The song told about Roger Faith, centralization and own attitude to the fork of Bitcoin.

Why you should not buy Bitcoin Cash

Jimmy song said publicly that “Bcash” shouldn’t even exist. His argument he backed up by quotations from the publication of the “Cash is Bitcoin fiat money”. According to him, BCH almost no value as a medium of exchange. Moreover, cryptocommunist very few people who could really support the coin.

Recall that in the course of the debate, Roger, Vera and Charlie’s the latest called the Creator of Bitcoin Cash “a hypocrite.” Lee believes that Faiths should not be offended by the wording Bcash and still call the original Bitcoin Bitcoin Core. During the discussion, both even managed to reach some kind of consensus — Ver promised to use only the term “BTC”.

This is not the first time Jimmy’s song “attacks” Roger Faith. A few weeks earlier, he mentioned that the best time for him was a single event with a conference Blockchain Cruise. There he entered into a real verbal sparring with Ver and refuted his arguments about the “originality” of Bitcoin Cash.

Faith didn’t even care about saving the world or even the embodiment of some ideas. He cares more about his own power, which is very disappointing. At the time, he’s done a lot for Bitcoin and I am very grateful to him for that. However, his current point of view only leads to sad thoughts.

Image source — Live Coin Watch

Under the hot hand song got even Ethereum. The developer believes the project Vitalik Buterin something useful, because on the platform of the Ether are only created pyramid schemes and fraudulent ICO.

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