Jeuxvideo leaking details and specifications of the Xbox new generation


Among his recent report, which raised a lot of hype on the internet, figuring Jeuxvideo French about a lot of information and interesting details about the platform Xbox the next generation, and it appears that disclosure will be at the upcoming E3 with a big focus on the game Gears new.

The report mentioned the advent of computer games home millions from Microsoft and not a single device, which complies with previous reports, the first carries a code name Lockhart, and the device is primary, this device won’t need a CD player and will focus entirely on digital purchases, and the card will feature a graphics core Navi and strongly 4 teraflops and processor Zen2 eight-core, and will feature 12 GB of RAM and SSD with a capacity of 1TB of storage.

The second device carries the code name Anaconda, is a top tier of Microsoft’s new generation, and will be released at the launch price similar for Xbox One X and the version in the autumn of next year 2020. The device will use the architecture of the Navi is the other ability fees, and up to 12 teraflops, and the processor Zen2 eight cores, and random memory size of 16GB and storage up to 1TB.

Game Halo Infinite striped chest on existing and next-generation just as is the case with the game The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and that released at all all of the and switch and Aloha day. It will also include a 2020 release of a new game from Ninja Theory.

We keep waiting for the official announcement of the Xbox Scarlett from Microsoft Corporation.

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