Jaybird launches headset Run XT with the water resistance and the price of $ 180

The company launched the Jaybird new update headphones wireless sports that come standards of IPX7 for water resistance fully, as provided headset Run XT at the price of $ 180.

Run XT

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A new update for the Jaybird sports are offering today in the headphone Run XT, which comes with new from the previous version which came with a resistance to sweating, but this version waterproof full Where comes with the standards of IPX7, as confirmed by Jaybird on it supports the user also in the changes of climate well.

Also offering Jaybird this version with the choices of new colors, including black, with two degrees of gray color, the white color of the ice also.

It is estimated that corresponds to this version with other specifications of the previous model, which supports the user’s age charge in the battery up to 12 hours, including 4 hours in heaven and 8 hours in the clipboard, how come the sky of buttons to or activated assistant Google or Siri.

Headset Run XT also integrated with the service Spotify, also available at a price of $ 180 in a number of outlets selected which among them will certainly shop Jaybird on the internet, is also available at Best Buy and Amazon, to be available in outlets other in the month of February.


I know of

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