Japanese police filed a case because of the use of the script Coinhive for covert mining Monero

In February, several major media outlets about bitcoin wrote about “the biggest attack Monero stealth miner”, created on the basis of the script Coinhive. Hackers penetrated a few thousand resources, but are mined only $ 24.

Now, the Japanese police announced in tracing three citizens from 2017 was distributing the software for covert mining on the basis of Coinhive. This writes Cointelegraph citing local newspaper Mainichi.

Mining without investments. Coinhive turned ugolovkoy

According to police, the fraudsters have installed a hidden script for mining on its website. When viewing online malicious software is automatically installed on the user’s computer and used the power of the device for mining Monero. What amount has been mined attackers, was not disclosed.

The actions of hackers are considered as a violation of the law on the spread of viruses, said the representative of the chief of the police Department of Yokohama. The names of the suspects were not disclosed.

The software developers take 30 percent of the amount that managed to get to the miners, and promise payments every few hours. To install the script on your website can any owner of the resource. Moreover, in some countries, the use of the program for covert mining without warning the user of the website is a violation of the law.

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