Japanese GMO rents from users of bitcoins, ethers, litecoin and Ripple

In mid-April, the Japanese GMO announced the launch of Bitcoin deposits at the end of may. Marketplace is going to take coins from a user via the service Virtual Currency Rental Service (VCRS) and to pay interest. Now the GMO added to the program Ethereum, Litecoin and ripple, writes Bitcoin.com.

How to make money on bitcoin. The idea of GMO

The exchange will be able to take users from 100 to 1000 ETH, from 50 to 500 BCH, from 300 to 3000 LTC and from 100 000 to 1 000 000 XRP. To take the cryptocurrency to rent on 150 days — for this customers will receive 5 percent as a reward. The amount already includes taxes, said the representative of the exchange.

The owner of the cryptocurrency will be able to pick up coins at any time. In this case, interest is not charged, and the GMO will write off the penalty for breaking the contract before the expiry of its validity. The amount of the fine will depend on the borrowed amount, but the calculation method is not disclosed.

Last year Bitcoin deposits with a yield of 1-5 percent Coincheck has launched a Japanese. The advantage of the GMO in that it has a license for carrying out transactions with digital money, and its activity approved by the local regulator FSA.

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