Japan plans to turn to the use of equipment for Huawei and ZTE due to security concerns


Both Huawei and ZTE manufactures network equipment for communication in all over the world, at least by to be a known hobby of their smartphone. For example, there are many modems sold by telecommunications companies around the world which was manufactured by Huawei, so it is safe to say that in addition to smartphones, the communication equipment that works behind the scenes represent the essence of its business.

Unfortunately, it seems that both Huawei and ZTE are facing the loss of more partners. Revealed report of the new news agency Reuters that the Japanese government plans to start banning the purchase of products of Huawei and ZTE for the uses of government. And will do so to assist in strengthening its security to prevent leaks and attacks in the future.

Japan is not the only one who intends to do so, already lost to other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America that the Prohibition of the use of the products produced by these companies due to fears of spying for the Chinese government, some people think that Huawei spying for the Chinese government because of the signs of Huawei with the latter.

According to the spokesperson in the name of the government of Japan, Mr. Yoshihide Suga, have refused to comment on the report and whether the Japanese government is targeting Huawei and ZTE so that he said : ” become a cyber-security is an important issue in Japan. We will take strict action after consideration from various angles “.

Since then, the spokesman expressed the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mr. Geng Shuang expressed his concerns about the report so he stated by saying : ” We hope that the Japanese side a fair competitive environment for Chinese companies operating in Japan and do not do anything to harm bilateral cooperation and mutual trust “.


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