Japan is planning to abandon the use of the equipment of Huawei and ZTE

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اليابان تخطط للتوقف عن استخدام معدات هواوي و ZTE

Planning to Japan for the use of equipment companies Huawei andZTE ZTE of China, where the Japanese government intends to ban the purchase of equipment from the two companies to strengthen its defense against leaks and fears electronic, according to sources, the agency Reuters, which is a big setback new aspirations Huawei to become a global leader in the fifth-generation networks 5G.

And Chinese technology companies to intense scrutiny by the United States and some prominent allies on relations with the Chinese government, driven by fears of the possibility of their use by Beijing to.

Comes the ban of the Japanese government, in the case of mind, after that was banned Huawei from entering the US market, having been banned in Australia and New Zealand from the construction of 5G, while insisting Huawei repeatedly that Beijing has no effect on them.

She said the newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, which first talked about the news of the Prohibition of Japan’s planned, it’s expected to save the government, its internal laws on procurement early in the day Monday, and that the Japanese government does not recognize specify the name of Huawei and ZTE in particular within the process of revision, but it will be measures aimed at strengthening of security, which applies to companies.

Raising Yoshihide Suga Yoshihide Suga, chief spokesman of the Japanese government to comment, but noted that the country was in close contact with the United States in a wide range of areas, including cyber security.

Said at a regular press conference: “the cyber security is an important issue in Japan, we will take strict procedures to include a variety of perspectives”.

He Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jing Xuan Geng Shuang expressed “serious concern” about the reports, said in a press conference in Beijing: “the essence of economic and trade cooperation between China and Japan is mutual benefit, the two companies worked legally in Japan for a long time. We hope that the Japanese side a fair competitive environment for Chinese companies operating in Japan and not the government doing anything to harm bilateral cooperation and mutual trust”.

Provide Huawei and some network equipment for telecom operators Japan’s own NTT Docomo and KDDI, and group SoftBank SoftBank Group a long relationship with the Chinese company, which became in 2011 the first Chinese company to join the lobby of the business portfolio in Japan, Keidanren, has been involved with in the experiences of 5G.

One of the sources said: “the government will not buy in the case of a security risk, but it’s hard to restrict purchases by private companies,” said a spokeswoman KDDI: “while watching the changes closely, we will consider the appropriate steps”.

Nat some private companies in other places away from Chinese companies, the company said Sprint American group SoftBank SoftBank’s no longer get equipment from Huawei and ZTE.

The group BT British BT Group on Wednesday it will supply equipment company Huawei from the nucleus of its current operations for networks of the third generation and the fourth generation, and equipment used in the core parts of the network of the fifth generation rule.

On a related note, the reports that Huawei has pledged to spend two billion dollars to meet the demands of security agency, the British, in an attempt to mitigate the risk of security agency and the British on their equipment and its software.

The Financial Times reported the Financial Times on Friday that the executives at Huawei met with senior officials from the National Centre of cyber security in the UK NCSC agency British intelligence, known as government communications headquarters GCHQ this week, where the company agreed to several conditions would reform its practices in the United Kingdom.

She said both the Financial Times and Reuters, the Chinese company has committed to spend two billion dollars to meet the security demands in the United Kingdom, were not disclosed details about the terms of the agreement in any of the reports, however, it is reported that Huawei agreed to write an official letter to the NCSC put its plan to address the issues raised.

Spokesman said NCSC: “as we made clear in July, NCSC concerns about a range of technical problems we have identified improvements that the company should do,” he added, “the government of the United Kingdom and of British Telecom with Huawei to manage the risk of cyber security, with a guarantee of the continuation of the United Kingdom in the use of new technology”.

The gate Arab News Technical of Japan is planning to abandon the use of the equipment of Huawei and ZTE

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