ITunes will Store apps for Windows 10 soon

Still Microsoft is trying hard to provide various famous apps on the App Store Windows 10 due to air this type of applications well with different mobile devices on the multiple screen sizes including tablet, as they are the only apps that can be used on the Windows 10 S. It was planned that the application Apple iTunes to App Store Windows 10 before the end of 2017 to enable the users of the system 10S new access services provided by the application, but Apple postponed the date to ask. Now monitoring the position of Italian codes in a hidden file in the latest version of iTunes available on the desktop version for Windows, and the code copy iTunes your store Windows 10, which refers to the approaching date of the put. The Apple spokesperson said earlier last year that the company is keen to provide the experience of using the perfect for users, which is the reason for the delay provide a copy of the iTunes application in the Windows Store 10 for a later time. It is likely that the application offers various functions, and even now there are no official confirmations from Microsoft or Apple, but the forecast indicates the possibility to put the app in conjunction with the next update for Windows 10 in the month of March next.

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