It’s time to give Firefox a new chance

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Receded the Internet to a new low, and has become a very uncomfortable place, as when shopping online you can expect an announcement about that thing that’s stalking you from one location to another, and in case you have some tabs open in the web browser, the battery, the laptop drains quickly, and without talking about video clips that run automatically when you scroll through the web page.

Helped these factors make the internet an unsafe place, as it has come to represent a trade is unfair, it should be on the user to abandon his privacy within the internet. fairly comfortable ads target heavily, so it seems that the time has come to experience a different web browser, and we are talking here about a Firefox Firefox, developed by Mozilla Corporation Mozilla is a non-profit.

And this browser in the early first decade of the twentieth century to serve as a faster and better tool designed to browse the web, but things changed dramatically after that Google released in 2008 their browser for the web named Chrome Chrome, a browser faster and more secure and versatile.

Mozilla has said recently by clicking on the button Reset Firefox browser, after nearly two years of meeting several employees of the company and debate about the state of web browsers, where they concluded in the end to the existence of a crisis of confidence in the web, said Mark Mayo Mark Mayo, chief product Officer at Mozilla over the an interview: “if they don’t trust the web, you will not use the Web, we felt this and I was going in the direction that we’re going for now, and so we started thinking about the tools and batteries and the different methods”.

It seems that the Firefox browser has returned strongly, as Mozilla released a new version late last year, bore the Name Firefox, quantum FireFox Quantum, where the design of this version to provide safety and are required, and Mozilla’s Firefox, which has been renovated consumes less memory than rivals, which means that you can open many tabs with continue manufacturing process smoothly.

Also offer this new version has many features, most notably privacy tools, such as water custom ROMs to ban ads that follow the user and to prevent Facebook from monitoring user activity across the Web, a feature not available in most of the major web browsers.

According to the test lasted for three months conducted by Brian Cheney Brian Chen of the New York Times, Firefox was on a par with the Google browser named Chrome in most categories, with the ability of the privacy features studied, including by making it the main browser for it, with the clarified water, which helped him take this decision, which must take a look at it.

Privacy features

Supports browsers Firefox, Chrome and thousands of plugins, a software little work to modify the browsing experience, in spite of the victory of the Chrome in this shot with owning hundreds of thousands of plugins as compared to 11 thousand almost add-on For Firefox browser, but through months of using Firefox, there wasn’t anything you may want to work on the Chrome browser and was unable to do it on Firefox.

Supports all reviewers 1Password, a software manage passwords well-known, also supports two plugins that prohibit videos from running automatically when visiting Web sites, both of which support open Origin, a software ad-blocking which is recommended by many Safety experts.

And Mozilla also add a browser to allow Facebook Container, which operates to isolate the identity of the user in Facebook in a special container, which makes it difficult for the social network to follow the user outside the website, since usually the Facebook platform to track activities, review your users even outside of its site through the use of tracking tools planted on other web sites, such as cookies on the web.

Emerged Firefox, due to some privacy features available are embedded within the browser, as you can turn the protection feature tracking in privacy settings, which prevent followers online collection of browser data across multiple Web sites, as you can use Chrome to install the Add developer by a third party, to prevent the tracking software, but the fewer plugins used via a browser that was better.

The efforts of Mozilla in the area of privacy

Said Cooper quintin Cooper Quintin, a security researcher at the foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit organization working in the field of digital rights: “it seems that Firefox has positioned itself as your browser friend’s privacy, he was doing a great job to improve security also, while Google on the other hand company advertising basically, so it is unlikely to have any commercial interest in making Chrome more privacy in dealing with others”.

Google said that privacy and security go together, they led the industry on all fronts, the giant sea that has a web browser the only one who has his way to deal with the gap Spectre reliably, a vulnerability that has been detected this year, which can not be fully repaired, affecting Specter on the microprocessor within all the organs present in almost all over the world, and could allow the stealing of information.

Includes the Chrome browser also candidate embedded blocks ads inappropriate and harmful of the analysis, said Paris. Taber’s Parisa Tabriz, head of Engineering at Google specializing in security: “you can’t have privacy without security on the web”, and enjoyed both Chrome and Firefox safely rigorous practice, which includes both a campaign mode that enhances the operations of the browser in order not to hurt website harmful to other parts of the device such as files or web camera or microphone.

Google said If there is something that can be done better is to include privacy settings technique the prohibition of the operations of the trace, similar to the tools included in Firefox, the Paris a Taber “I think this is something we can improve it, as I have Firefox some settings that we are working on exploring it too.”

Speed tests and battery

Suggest some test sites of architectural, which determine the speed of the browser by measuring the response elements for various web, to that Chrome might be faster, but some other sites indicate that Firefox is faster, and through experiments on users were both very fast, so that we can say they’re even from these people.

As to the promise made by Mozilla and consumption of Firefox less memory raises the hopes that should also be used battery life less, so they explained the test was on a laptop used by a script to download news sites the first ten automatically to Firefox persists longer in only a few minutes from the Chrome before the battery runs out, while it took the battery longer by about 20 minutes when using the Chrome browser in the test included watching videos from Netflix service across every browser.


Is Firefox web browser No. 2 on computers, with access to about 12 percent of the total market share of browser web desktop, which makes it specialized is great about Chrome that runs your ratio up to about 67 percent, according to the company StatCounter, the browser Internet Explorer from Microsoft and Safari from Apple late more in the market of PCs.

The share Explorer about 7 percent and about 5.5 percent, as on Android phones, Chrome is still the most popular browser comparison view, with the availability of a lightweight version of the Firefox browser for the Apple operating system, iOS iOS, however, the path forward for Mozilla looks promising and increasingly to consumers.

And don’t wear the non-profitability of any direct relationship with the advertisers, you get a small amount of search providers such as Google and Bing, Bing, when you perform a search across their sites using Firefox.

It should be noted that Mozilla is offering in addition to the browser Firefox normal Firefox Focus, a browser for mobile devices linked to fertility, which acts on the blocking software tracking by default and record web browsing of the user as soon as you close the page, where these products serve as a forum for the site that maintains the privacy, which can be for Mozilla to be involved in the long term.

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