It’s time to fear: the number of programs for covert mining on the market rose five times

The number of hidden miners in 2017 has increased by 8.5 thousand percent or 1.8 million units. All because of a program for mining coins is very simple to write — often they consist of a few lines of code.

Now, analysts of Group-IB announced a fivefold increase in the number of proposals for the sale of software for covert mining in the first quarter of 2018. About it writes “Interfax” with reference to the research company.

How to protect yourself from the hidden mining

In the study we are talking about the ads on the forums darkwave, the authors offer to buy or to rent the software for covert mining.

The main danger is the widespread availability of virus Trojans-miners, intended for the use of others ‘ devices and infrastructure for illegitimate generation of different types of cryptocurrency.

The use of computing power or infrastructure for mining cryptocurrency without the consent or knowledge of the owner remains a relatively popular method of enrichment, despite a smooth downward trend in the number of incidents related to this type of fraud.

According to the company, in the first half of the year in Russia recorded 477 cases of the use of user devices for covert mining of cryptocurrencies. Over the same period last year, there was only 99 of these cases.

The price of the program for covert mining of cryptocurrencies is very low, from 0.5 to 10 dollars.

Low “entry threshold” in the market of “black money” on illegal mining leads to the fact that mining crypto currencies do people with no technical knowledge and any experience of participating in fraudulent schemes. Cases of arrest and judicial prosecution for cryptogenic still a unit, despite the fact that most of the methods of installation of the program-miner’s rule involve the violation of laws 272 and 273 of the criminal code.

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