Its learning programming – to learn and build your projects and apps yourself !

No need to learn programming, will you, many of us think that programming is something fleeting and need to learn, but what if that programming came to you to teach you, this is the fact with the comprehensive plan for the education programming, the most powerful country in the Arab to teach you programming and you’re in your house, or your office, or even on the road, you will learn Programming Via lessons recorded educational system and Arabic a comprehensive system of evaluation and follow-up for each student, you can download the app after signing up or follow-up for lessons and see how your achievement during the period of 4 months only, namely the duration of this training plan, the Provided by the trainer Ahmed Nasser, the owner of several companies in the field of computer programming in America and the Middle East.

دورة تعلم البرمجة - تعلم وقم ببناء مشاريعك بنفسك

Its learning programming – to learn and build your projects yourself.

More than 1,000 students in common – they are on the right track !

Over the full year of launch of the plan; participated in this training more than 1000 students of different vehicle around the world, many of them started their own personal projects across the skills they learned with us in the comprehensive plan.

The opinions and assessments of students and specialists on the quality of the educational content, the results of most, and you can peruse reviews through this link:

Wouldn’t be little anymore, you can learn different programming applications with ease, handled professionally, through your source tree reserve within the overall plan of the professional trainer: Ahmed Nasser, don’t bother looking here and there, the car will get here !

Big discount 50% follow site news applications:

Cheapest prices and offers, and as a gift to follow the news app, you can subscribe to its overall plan for the education programming this using coupon: 50off.

Or you can register directly and take advantage of the width reduction of 50% directly via this link.

Payment by installments:

In case you are not able to pay the value of the state once, you can now easily register to participate in state and installment amount for two batches with 40% discount, through subscription at this link.

Request an invoice and pay later:

Students can request an invoice and pay it later to get the current supply, via two steps:

  1. Registration via this link
  2. Send your user name via e-mail: or WhatsApp: 00970599042502

Wait, there are still more gifts:

You can then Subscribe to its overall plan get 10 gifts, including a comprehensive course in the fundamentals of e-marketing, design cycle games, cycle, design websites, with access to the book: How to earn 10 thousand dollars through learning programming, and other gifts worth more than 700$, as well as recognized certificates and gifts other miscellaneous and motivational for learning programming.

An example of the educational material in the state:

You may ask: How do I get the state? And answer through videos and connecting with coach Ahmed Nasser, this video is an example method of Education:

This clip shows the way of Education and training:

What will I learn with the cycle of the overall plan?

Within this state, would be 4 months of education, to learn, to develop more than 30 apps and on the many gifts and privileges, during which he will start from zero level to advanced level, all within educational levels upward, help you learn programming.

The first level – the level of development of the web, where the language of the internet and programming languages are different, to be starting towards learn more, develop and apply your projects, and even finding a job suitable for you.

The second level – the development of games, you can now enter the world of profit, so that the games of more applications that reap the profits imagination and miss the profits of many states, you can develop and establish your games from your own ideas or inspired by other ideas, all of it step-by-step towards professionalism.

The second level – the level of application development, will be the beginning of the development of custom applications for computers and browser, then move towards the development of Android apps in the language of Kuta, and iOS system through the curse of SWIFT, with your training on the development of interactive applications, all this with a permanent escort for you and train you to implement what you learn.

Everything will be step-by-step:

Don’t worry, even if you do not have a background about programming, you will learn easy and simple, will Graduate from one level to another, step by step, until you find yourself have arrived to celebrate, just make sure that you have the imagination and innovative implementation by software applications and websites.

 What do I need to get in this state?

All you need is a computer, whatever the operating system, of course with Internet connection, and of course prepared myself to learn and develop themselves in this area, but this will not need to something.

How Can I access and participation in the state?

It’s very simple, you can sign up by logging in to one link:


How Can I pay and What Payment Methods?

There are many ways of electronic payment and others, for more details you can visit the link:

More details about the platform state:

  • You can review the content of the user’s Guide in the comprehensive plan from here:
  • Airport group brochure the comprehensive plan from here:

Do you have a question or concern?

You can find the answers in the FAQ section:

Gifts and privileges of many waiting for you !

  • A distinguished group of enemies and collaborators who will help you in every step you in the way to learn programming
  • Direct contact with the International coach Professor Ahmed Nasser
  • Educational books show you how to start earning money even before the end of the state
  • Its lifetime, where you can access course content any time you want.
  • Practical application to learn everything during the session
  • A deep understanding of how design, programming and development of websites and Mobile Apps professionally

Not only that, but there are many other gifts, and in the end the value of the gifts amounting to more than 700$ !

A video clip of the definitions state:

Communication methods and usage:

  • WhatsApp number: 00970599042502
  • Official website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Twitter page:
  • Page Instagram:
  • Page snapchat:
دورة تعلم البرمجة - تعلم وقم ببناء مشاريعك بنفسك

Its learning programming – to learn and build your projects yourself.

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of News Apps if level befitting the user.

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