It’s finally over! Apple and Samsung settled a seven-year dispute

Today something happened that nobody expected. Apple and Samsung have gone to the world and settled their dispute, which lasted seven years!

Many of you seven years ago, probably began to be interested in the world of IT. Usually in such cases, I write an article where I remind all stages of an event, but in this case it is meaningless.

Of the company for the years managed to exchange so many claims that to describe them all — a thankless job.

I just remind you that it all started in 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of copying the design of its smartphone, the copying of the UI elements and other things. At the same time and there was a joke about a patent on rounded corners, but let’s face it, something the Galaxy S (Yes, the first Galaxy S!) was really similar to the iPhone.

The company all these years has continued to sue, there were many court decisions and many appeals. I can’t even imagine how much money Samsung and Apple spent on lawyers.

And now suddenly without any introductions the worst “enemies” took and settled the dispute. Unfortunately, they decided not to disclose the details. It is not excluded that Apple agreed to drop all claims in return, for example, any discounts or concessions from Samsung in the supply of components for the iPhone.

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