It’ll look like this feature remove sent messages on Facebook


When it turns out that Facebook are removing the messages sent by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg for some users, there was some commotion taking into consideration that Facebook does not currently have the feature ” no send | Unsend “. But Facebook has responded quickly by saying she was working on a feature similar to the users.

Now thanks to the installers on site The Next Web, they have posted a photo you know won’t apparently feature to remove sent messages on Facebook. Basically, when users choose Cancel to send a certain message, they will get the notice you see below. A notification that asks users whether they are sure they want to remove the message because they can’t undo it later.


Assume that this water should not be a surprise. Given that the feature to delete sent messages have become available in many chat applications, including WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has been the arrival of this feature to facebook only a matter of time.

There is no information about the material which you plan to Facebook to issue this feature to users, but if this picture is correct, it seems they are still under development, but it may be close to see them make their way to the public in the not too distant future.



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