It will be possible to close access to the Android Messages through the web


One of the directions the most common lately is how to get chat apps on smart phones, on version web. Take for example apps like WhatsApp and Viber and LINE, KakaoTalk and Facebook Messenger and Google but at the same time that I got a copy web or desktop applications.

This means that users who work on computers of their own can continue to chat they started with their friends or colleagues on your smartphone without the need to move constantly from their smartphone. The good news is that if you rely on Android app Messages a little bit, you have to be happy to know that the operators of the website Android Police managed to find evidence suggesting that the web version of the Android Messages is currently under development.

This is based on a process of dismantling by the site Android Police for the APK file of your application Android Messages, there was found some evidence and the code that hint to upcoming features for the application. Anyway, given that Google App Allo already has a web version, we wouldn’t be surprised in case if the company decided to Google disclosed a web version also of Android Messages.

However, there is no information at present about when will be the launch of the web version of the Android Messages, but the evidence discovered in the APK file can be an indication of the approaching release date web version of this service. Generally, as soon as you Google version web Android Messages, we’ll let you know. as usual always.



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