It turns out that the electron is almost perfectly round. What does this mean for physics?

Electrons are almost perfectly round. This is revealed in research published recently in the journal Nature. Why is it important? Because more flattened form could hint at the presence of invisible subatomic particles. And so, this result complicates the search for new physics. The electron acquires its form depending on how positive and negative charges are distributed inside the particle. The best theory of the behavior of particles — the Standard model — is the fact that the electron must have an almost perfect figure.

However, some theories suggest that the environment of an electron is a hypothetical subatomic particles can create a slight separation between the positive and negative charges and give the electron pear-shaped. This separation of charge is called electric dipole moment (EDM). The search of EDM of an electron can show if next to electron any particles that do not exist in the Standard model.

What shape is an electron?

Experiment Advanced Cold Molecule Electron Electric Dipole Moment, or ACME, held at Harvard University, said of the EDM of the electron with unprecedented precision and found no signs of flattening.

This result may complicate the work of the Large hadron Collider, located near Geneva, which deals with the search for new physics beyond the Standard model. TANK pushes particles like protons together at high speed to create new particles and probe their properties. Physicists want to find the characteristics of the particles, which are not included in the Standard model, because this theory cannot explain some important nuances of the Universe — for example, why matter is more than antimatter. Meanwhile, TANK was left with nothing.

A new measurement showed that any additional particles that may exist will be beyond the capability of detecting TANK. Perhaps future colliders will be able to surpass the TANK.

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