It seems that it is the result of testing the GeForce RTX 2060

As you know, while the new generation Nvidia presents only three models, the youngest of whom is GeForce RTX 2070.

According to rumors, the card Turing will be released next year. But today we have the opportunity to look at the performance of 3D card, which will probably be a GeForce model RTX 2060 (or is it GTX 2060). The point is that Final Fantasy XV, which is the last days we are pleased with the tests not yet available accelerators, contains the testing result of some as yet unannounced Nvidia. It is determined as the Nvidia Graphics Device, so as it is called, we can only guess. However, it is unlikely any of the existing models, as in this case, the benchmark map would be identified.

And given the result, it is possible that this is the same RTX 2060.

As you can see, the card is almost at GTX 1070 Ti, which can not but rejoice. RTX 2070 while decently faster (30%), so the assumption that this is the RTX 2060, looks quite justified. However, we don’t know the prices. Given that RTX 2070 starts from $ 500 for narep, we can assume that RTX 2060 will cost about 350 dollars, which is not so good.

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