It seems that Apple is not quite happy with the notch in the display of the iPhone X

Apple is not satisfied with the notch in the display of the iPhone X and the company is actively working on a fix, journalists learned the business of the South Korean edition of the Investor from sources in the supply chain. The interlocutors colleagues note that in Cupertino are in talks with suppliers about how a speedy transition to the symmetric production of OLED displays.

If all goes according to plan, sources tell The Investor, the first full-screen iPhone without the recess will be released in 2019. By the time Apple expects to enter into a contract with new partners who will be tasked with the production of organic matrices at lower than now price. Before the production of displays for iPhone X Samsung worked.

Despite the criticism and ridicule of competitors on the appearance of “dozens” design course, Apple has been extremely popular among less important players in the market. Exhibition MWC 2018 showedthat many companies (not just Chinese) tend to intentionally displays branded device asymmetrical in order to fit the iPhone X.

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