It seems that Apple did not choose HomePod long enough

Apple headset by smart home iPod for purchase at a price of 349 dollars, in a move a bit late to compete with Amazon parking download which provide a set of clear and Smart at a price much cheaper, despite tribute to many of the technical devices as wonderful that has been supplied Apple headset, but the speaker did not achieve the desired sales due to the weak Assistant to Apple’s Siri voice compared to competitors and the lack of standard features such as pairing of multiple rooms. And to make bad things worse, it was revealed last week that sky and leave a white ring on some wood surfaces and tried the Apple downplay this issue, saying that it was not usual to challenge the sky and this, added users that Apple no longer care to detail as their products old. Said Cesar persons, the Industrial Bank first in the company, “Yi studios”, a company based in San Francisco, working TV frames Digital Photo Frames “I’m actually very surprised,” said persons, who worked on many of the speakers in the past, that Apple did not choose the device enough and in different conditions especially since the surface of the wood is a very possible to put the product on it. He added that he supposed that the company takes this into consideration to ensure the quality, and you may need Apple to “re-manufactured” units at its disposal from the sky smart said that if necessary, The process may take between two weeks and six weeks.

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