It seems that Apple broke the wireless charging in the new iPhone

13 iOS, which Apple released about a month ago, turned out to be so problematic that in order to count all the shortcomings of the updates, not enough fingers of both hands. It seems the only thing most users have no problems with the performance, as promised by Apple. But the other flaws in iOS 13 in bulk from disruption of the cell module, who continually interrupts a phone conversation, to the rapid discharge of the battery. Now to that pile of problems has increased at least one blocking module wireless charging.

Not working wireless charging? You’re not alone

On the official support forum of Apple has introduced the topic with complaints about the outages wireless charging some iPhone models. According to users, they began to notice that their smartphone stopped charging from the wireless charging stations after updating to iOS 13.1, though before anything similar was not observed. This allows us to conclude that the cause of the failure was the upgrade of the operating system that came out a few weeks ago.

Why not work wireless charging

Apparently, the issue affects mostly iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, not spreading at the same time on earlier models. In any case, most of the complaints with which we were able to see, concerned the new devices. For example, here is what one of the users:

“I have two wireless charging stations. One for the house that is constantly lying on the table, and the other for the car. They worked correctly and smoothly, until I used them with my iPhone X. However, the new iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.1.2 completely non-responsive to any one or to another station. I’ll never know what might be wrong.”

Problems iOS 13

The problem with the detection of stations for wireless charging cannot be called the same scale as the failure of a cell or a Bluetooth module that afflict almost every third user. However, the reason has ceased to operate the induction unit, responsible for wireless charging, is just on the surface. You only remember that in iOS 13.1 Apple has restricted the capacity of some charging stations. At least that was mentioned in the description of the update. What if the company simply blocked some of the stations, but chose not to talk about it?

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We have no evidence that this is true. But in theory this could happen. Anyway, Apple has never been afraid to block accessories that could theoretically harm her signature devices. Therefore, we cannot exclude that in this case the same thing happened, because in Cupertino might just have want to keep users from overheating and damage the battery. And if this is so, and to notify the public of the Apple was not necessary.

When will the iOS 13.2

On the other hand, is not very clear why in this case, Apple had not limited the work of those same wireless charging even on last year’s models. It turns out that the danger threatens only the new smartphones? Hardly it is possible. Therefore, it is likely that Apple screwed up again with the update making something wrong, so the only thing remaining to the owners of affected devices, just wait for the next update with the fix. Probably, it will be iOS 13.2, which will be released before the end of the month.

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