It is now possible to download the application VLC phones Huawei again

Huawei Mate 10 Pro; VLC

Those who use smart phones, a subsidiary of Huawei might have noticed that they can’t download the application VLC on their smart phones. If you are wondering about the reason, he is choosing the team VideoLan, which oversees the application development VLC insert phones Huawei in the black list, but that’s changed now, it has become phones Huawei now able to download application VLC again.

Methods caused the task manager in the background aggressive in that it becomes the application of VLC is unstable on the devices Huawei, which led to a long series of revisions to the authority for investigation which felt the team VideoLan mainly as unwarranted because the error was all of the smart phones and not the app itself.

So he decided the developers of the application to punish the user base completely by banning phones Huawei Smart Download Application VLC. This decision led at least to deal with the issue of the negative reviews for The because users were unable to access the app on these devices in the first place.

It seems that things are back to normal now where was the lifting of the ban on the devices Huawei. Can users smartphone from the company Huawei to install VLC on their phones again. The Huawei amendments recently by the abolition of the management of active applications in the background so that it is disabled now by default. Despite that, the film knows Team VideoLan that has been the lifting of the ban publicly until now.


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