It is impossible to prevent the blockchain with the Internet of things. Why Andreas Antonopoulos thinks so?

Supporters of Cryptoprotected always take on the task of informing the larger crypto community about the latest developments in the ecosystem. They often answer questions regarding technology. The author of several books about the first cryptocurrency Andreas Antonopoulos is a great example of a Bitcoin Evangelist, who is always ready to explain why it is the future of coins.

The Internet of things and the distributed registry

In a recent video Antonopoulos answered questions about the impact of blockchain technology on various industries. A strong emphasis was made on the blockchain with a bunch of “Internet of things” and its application in the allocation of capacity. First he was asked about whether the blockchain to resolve the glaring problems of the IoT.

I am very skeptical about the use of blockchain technology in the devices the “Internet of things”. I don’t know what’s the advantage and how would that differ from using a dedicated database IOT.

Bitcoin bull holds the view that technologists can use a public decentralized blockchain to store information that will be possible in the future or need to change. This can lead to the integration of the blockchain functions to access and modify records at any time, which is not quite correct.

Many people mistakenly call bloccano that is no more than effective the database that allows you to work with digital signatures. Now some interfere with the concept of the Internet of things blockchain, supposedly this should open the way the creation of some radically new solutions. But it doesn’t work. And it’s only a couple of obvious reasons why I don’t like it when the blockchain is used in conjunction with IoT.

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