It is a success: cost masternode in Ethereum will be 32 ETH. Remuneration to miners will fall

The developers of Ethereum discussed the updating of the network at the conference Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #40, reports Cointelegraph. The main topic of the meeting was two main update – Casper and Sharding.

Why you need to invest in Ethereum

Recall that sharding is a method of increasing bandwidth of Ethereum, which will speed up the processingof transactions in a hundred times. The essence of sharding the storage nodes of the network only part of the distributed registry. The basis principle will be transparency throughout the system, so that individual nodes can reach consensus with each other.

The announcement of Casper was held in October 2017. The innovation is intended to introduce a new algorithm proof of stake on top of an existing proof of work in the blockchain. At the end of April this year, the Ethereum developers have published a new improved Hybrid Casper. According to Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) #1011, a network of Air will be combined PoW and PoS to achieve consensus. EIP also involves the reduction of awards to miners from 3 to 0.6 ETH.

Buterin said that the launch of sharding and Casper will significantly expand the network capabilities of Ethereum to the “theoretical maximum”. Transfer updates made it possible to reduce the cost of nodes Broadcast 1500 up to 32 ETH. According to Vitalik, so it will be possible to avoid centralization and to make PoS “more transparent.” Launch Casper will happen without significant changes to the main Ethereum blockchain, as he called it “more independent of the main chain”.

Casper is somewhat more separated from the main blockchain. This means that updating can be developed on a separate blockchain and have their own rules.

Sharp decline in the value of masternode Ethereum will help to achieve real decentralization in the network. At the same time, the miners of the Ether will have to tighten their belts because of the new rules of remuneration for the block.

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