It became known that Samsung has changed in the updated Galaxy Fold

We already know that Samsung has corrected all the shortcomings of the Galaxy Fold and is about to announce a new date for the start of sales. According to General Director mobile office of the company Dong-Jin Koch, defects that were detected by the it journalists on testing stage was so small that the release of the smartphone will take place in the near future. But, considering the high price of Galaxy Fold and potentially low reliability, I would like to know what was wrong with him.

According to SamMobile, the first thing that had to change engineers in the design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, was fastening a protective film to the display. To avoid detachment and removal, a decision was made as if to tuck the edges under the frame, the perimeter of the screen. Now to remove it, you will have to compromise the integrity of the smartphone, and then worry about accidental weeding faced some it observers, it is not worth it.

Defects Galaxy Fold

But the film was not the only problem that I had to fix it. In the original version of the Galaxy Fold top and bottom in places of bending of the display there was a small gap between the screen and the folding mechanism. Tests have shown that in the process of exploitation there can become clogged with dust and debris that ultimately could lead to violations of the mechanism and, possibly, the complete display output from the system. In the updated version of the smartphone the gap have tried to reduce to offset the risks of damage.

But the fissure running through the whole screen to fix it has failed. It’s a natural crease, which is formed after multiple folding. Unfortunately, it is not rectified independently, and therefore will accompany the Galaxy users Fold during the entire period of use. However, Samsung saysthat this is no problem, but a structural feature of folding displays.

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