Istanbul. What to expect from the following important updates Ethereum?

In the code, the following major updates Ethereum Istanbul, you may receive the integration of the acclaimed algorithm ProgPoW. Yesterday this news became a hot topic of discussion at the meeting of the members of the Ethereum Foundation. ProgPoW propose to integrate EIP in 1057, the update is supposed to include in Istanbul.

Recall the previous hardwork cryptocurrency was held in late February. The result of the procedure was reduced the award for the block of Ethereum ETH to 2, and postponed the so-called bomb of difficulty. Some experts believethat one only Constantinople can not solve all the problems of Ethereum.

ProgPoW: to be or not to be?

According to the developer Tim Beiko, the issue of integration of the new algorithm will be again raised at the next meeting of the members of the Ethereum Foundation this Friday. Those who gathered for a meeting on Tuesday they want to promote the idea EIP 1057. Note that the final update will appear in the ecosystem of cryptocurrency only after audit.

In the worst case — if the audit identifies strengths weaknesses ProgPoW — we can cancel the EIP to activate Istanbul. If all goes according to plan, the audit will simply assure our efforts, since the update is almost complete.

But the community with her decision for a long time decided — the majority of holders of Ethereum supports ProgPoW. Pool 2Miners also advocates for the integration of a new algorithm for mining cryptocurrency. Recall, that it needs to eliminate the possibility of centralization of the network Ethereum because of ASIC miners.

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Source: Bitcoinist

There is another view on this. Independent developer of the project Alexey Akhunov, on the contrary, stands for a moderate presence of Asimov in the extraction of ETH. In his opinion, much more productive dialogue among the major manufacturers of ASIC miners and a team of Ethereum.


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