Israeli module “Bereshit” crashed while landing on the moon

Israeli spacecraft “Genesis” is a private company SpaceIL was not able to land on the surface of the satellite in the lunar plain called the Sea of Tranquility. During the operation, there were a few problems, time to solve that failed. The device is officially declared lost. This was announced during the broadcast from the mission control center one of the leaders of the mission.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to put the device”, — said the employee of the control center.

Stream landing “Bereshit” was conducted through the official YouTube channel of SpaceIL.

Before beginning the process of planting the device launched the primary and secondary engines, made a few adjustment maneuvers to reorient module to the landing position. After a few minutes, “Genesis” sent selfi on the background of the lunar surface with a height of 22 kilometers up to the satellite. It would seem that everything is going well.

But then the problems started. First, the control center mission lost telemetry from the device.

After a few seconds the data transmission was restored, but there was a more serious problem. Off the main engine with which the module is conducted landing. It has also been successfully restarted, but, apparently, the time it took too much and he didn’t slow down the machine by reducing. According to official communication with “Bereshit” lost.

After the unsuccessful landing spacecraft “Genesis” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the country in a few years will still put a spacecraft on the moon.

“After 2.5 — 3 years Israeli spacecraft will land on the moon intact,” the Prime Minister said on Thursday, also present in the hall of mission control, where he conducted a broadcast of the landing module.

Send “Bereshit” to the moon took place 47 days ago. During this time he covered a distance of 6.5 million kilometres. 4 APR module went into lunar orbit.

If the moon landing had been successful, Israel could become the fourth nation after the USSR, USA and China, delivering a robotic station on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth in working condition.

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