Is this the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding from Samsung?

Only a few hours to assess the company Samsung detects group Galaxy S10 at its conference in San Francisco, however, indicated some rumors that the Galaxy Fold folding will join the list of phones that will be unveiled during the conference.

Probably not Samsung’s disclosure of the entire device during the conference, the only hint to him. Anyway, there have been leaked images reveal the specifications of Galaxy Fold cross-site mobiFlip.

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Contrary to rumors and patents that have appeared recently, it seems that Samsung have added the Galaxy Fold, the next generation of the Infinity screen Flex Display. According to reports, the size of this screen will be 7.3 inches, when opened fully, or 4.8 inches when folded.

Apparently, the design of the phone looks stylish in general, it comes to dialogue, so thin, however, the company has added a bump the petition at the top of the right corner.

Like the prototypes presented by Samsung in the month of last December for phones supporting the network 5G, need Galaxy Fold on the protrusion of the petition in the top right corner of my upper, which includes a separate layer of glass over it. And even now, it is not clear what will contain this extrusion, but refer the leaked images indicate that there is a preparation of camera binary installed.

Although the details of the phone is not yet confirmed, but he is likely to contains Galaxy Fold on the same camera setup coming with the Galaxy S10+. And if that’s true, there are phone front camera dual-strictly 10-megapixel + 8-megapixel camera.

And from the back, some reports suggest that the phone will come set up a camera three the back even though we didn’t see that with the leaked photos, but most likely will come back camera is also similar to the Galaxy S10. Thus, it is expected to come main camera 12-megapixel along with a secondary camera of 16-megapixel coupled with a lens third 12-megapixel custom training visual even 3 times.

As for the processor, so the Galaxy Fold will come with a processor Snapdragon 855 of Qualcomm, which just like The Wizard the next set with a Galaxy S10. It’s also supposed to up the phone memory random capacity of 12 GB with an internal memory with a capacity of 1 TB.

All these specs will come to the side of the battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh, furthermore, your phone will run by Android operating system 9 Pie of the document to the UI One UI.

We’re not even sure now of how the validity of this information, it is set not to show these specifications with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In both cases, it’s not long until Samsung drops a hint about the phone, however, have to wait for a longer period so that we can know the specifications and Price official.


I know of

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