Is this reasonable, several apps to record calls on Android and one application docking-iPhone?

Is this reasonable, there are many applications to record calls on Android and there is one application docking-iPhone? Even if I was paid, but working properly, actually I need like this app too because of my work, God reward you good if you help me, my wishes to all of you out mode . Brother Saddam said

This message is sent by the brother of Saddam, and how there are many applications to record calls to the Android system, and there is not even one application working properly to record calls on devices iOS, truth is a logical question and we will survived your door from our experience, especially when I know all about the dial in the iOS system because we worked heavily when we analyzed the first iPad to the phone.

IOS separates telephone calls from the system

The iOS system has been developed from the outset so that it is safe and the most important thing in the safe, any phone is voice conversations, so the Apple TV disconnect the mechanism of action of voice conversations on the audio system in the device and all of them don’t ingredients and package development. For example, if you open the microphone (by any application to record sounds) to record your voice, then you make a conversation without closing this app, it will be stop the microphone permanently during the conversation is not about the way the system just this is something that can be manipulated, but rather by the components of the phone itself that says to limit the microphone for conversation and unplug it completely from the system. Thus making the Apple TV an app to spy on your phone calls almost impossible and for the same reason there is no apps to record calls on IP devices-iPhone.

Why Android systems allows recording of phone calls?

This is another indication of the lack of security systems Android, it is possible to work virus logs your conversation voice and send it to the servers, if this is possible through the application you download if can to use against you.

I want to record telephone conversations and no matter Safety.

In this case, and that it was safe is important to you, the best option is to download to Android buy and Android phone there are many wonderful phones. Thus you can record calls by downloading application like Call Recorder or one of the hundreds of other apps on the Google Play Store.

Is there any solution to record calls on iPhone

An easy solution to simply record calls with the push of a button or automatically as is possible with devices Android then no, this will not be possible to allow Apple this so be safe and at the same time lets you record calls.

But indirectly, yes, here are the ways.

Application that talks to a server that is registered

There are several apps in the software store offers you a solution to record calls, the best known is the application TapeACall.

TapeACall Lite: Call Recorder


Epic Enterprises
Size 51.6 MB
Version 4.2.1
متاح في متجر البرامج


But unfortunately this app works only in several countries only, including the country of single vehicle, namely Bahrain, the rest of the country is not supported in the app, the idea of this app is that you’re doing a phone call to a particular number gives you the application, this number is linked to recorder audio logs of the conversation, then do a group call with the person who wishes to register his call and thus the conversation is recorded, then sent to you after half an hour of the end of the call.

Of course the solution is not practical and if your country is not supported by this app, it means contact an international phone number which will cost you a lot. And also the issue of the work group conversation annoying, especially in every time you want call recording.

Innovative solutions using Android phone

You can use the same idea the previous group conversations with Android phone is not a user you have installed application to record calls automatically and also activated the feature of answering calls, so if you want to record a call on iPhone make a conference call call in number on your Android device then call to the number you want to record a conversation with him.

Via dedicated hardware

You can buy these devices via the Amazon site you will find the link on the name of each device, knowing that we didn’t try any of them, but just put our most popular

There are a number of devices sold on the Amazon site you log calls on IP devices-the iPhone, the most famous…


It is a device you install in the phone and the delivery of hearing and recording the calls and put them in a special memory in the device there is an app you use to listen to recorded calls and also you can use the same space as memory to store pictures on them and of course by the entrance to the headphones 3.5 for the one who wishes to use them in general with his device.


This headphone only in 3.5 and is registered internally, and by clicking on record button you record the call, you can transfer files the registry by delivering the handset to the computer and then download the files on the computer. Are considered to the cheapest price and less weight.


This device is a Bluetooth headset, the phone recognizes it as a headset Bluetooth and you can talk through a wireless router, the device microphone and headset and their phone and talk through it and you log the calls, and the way to link your USB you can copy the audio files for your case, also possible to use it as a PVR audio independent.

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Are you interested in recording calls, and find any of these solutions suitable for you?

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