Is it worth the Galaxy Note 9 wait?

Although we still have months to issue a new phone of the series Note high-quality from Samsung but that didn’t stop rumors of talk about it already. According to rumors the phone the next will contain a lot of creativity and will sensor fingerprint under the screen a feature that was expected to come in Galaxy S9 but it won’t come apparently.

The phone which will get the name of the Note 9 in the RAID is not the center of attention. now, where will be revealed for Galaxy S9 from Samsung on February 25, during the exhibition MWC 2018 in Barcelona, waiting to see the specs of the official and what he has to say. But despite that will do the mission wait until the Galaxy Note 9, which comes to almost the benefits of optimized phone the S series with the additional benefits of productivity and a larger screen, as it is possible to see this year more of that too.

Patented point for coming water

Although the rumors were interfere the issuance of the S9 sensor fingerprint under the screen however, it seems that she was right about the work of Samsung on the technical and not coming in the phone S9. According to a new patent Samsung to get faster which will save under the screen will be in the lower will be the vibration condition input fingerprint is wrong.

Despite the fact that Samsung will not release the water with S9 most likely unless they already exist, but they are not ready to fully condition the purchase of technical of one of the partners where they will face the company’s problems related to the work of the asset itself or the cost of his ability to produce it, but this could not continue upon the issuance of Note 9, which could come August or September next according to what we are accustomed.

Succeeded company Vivo Chinese already in the version of the first phone equipped with a fingerprint under the screen which is Vivo X20 Plus UD but the footprint it doesn’t seem practical, but the company has already succeeded in dying
The first in the world that believe a phone this feature.

We don’t know what can come

When you talk about the Note 9 right now in February, maybe we don’t have a lot of information or delivery of only the patent of the new but most likely faces won’t spare phone in the coming months and we will know more and more about the phone. We do not use any form of to come Note 9 advantages completely new on the S9 despite the convergence of the advantages previously only that the race is fierce in the smartphone market requires rapid development.

This topic is worth the Galaxy Note 9 wait? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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