Is it true that marijuana helps with mental disorders?

Many of us have heard about the beneficial properties of marijuana, which is used in the treatment of mental disorders. However, the results of the latest research and are unable to prove the fact that cannabis may be safe and effective in the treatment of the six most common mental disorders: depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, Tourette’s syndrome, post-traumatic mental disorder, and psychosis.

Marijuana (cannabis) is the most popular drug and is in fourth place after alcohol, tobacco and coffee in the ranking of substances that cause mild poisoning

Marijuana in medicine

The resin in marijuana contains more than 80 cannabinoids, which are the main substances that cause narcotic effects, however, the most significant impact on the body causes the combination of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). These two substances that act completely the opposite of that can cause a sense of euphoria and revitalization, at the same time providing an inhibiting and sedative effect. Cannabis and cannabinoids are increasingly available and are used for medicinal use in North America, the UK and Australia.

As reported medicalxpress.coma number of the conducted research proves that for the treatment of chronic pain non-cancer origin, the use of medicinal cannabinoids is the most effective method during recreational use. But during these studies was not considered safe effects of cannabinoids in the long run. In addition, most controlled trials that studied the effects of cannabinoids on people suffering from depression and anxiety, was complicated by additional diseases, such as chronic pain or multiple sclerosis. The results of this study demonstrated a decrease in anxiety symptoms, but not clear whether this effect is caused by improvement in General condition.

The result of one small study of patients with psychosis has become a worsening of symptoms due to the use of medicines containing THC pharmaceutical-active substance on the basis of cannabis

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The danger of using cannabis

Scientists fear that with the development of medicine, and in particular medicines based on cannabinoids, increases the risk of dependence, and increase the number of accidents in driving a car people in a state of narcotic intoxication. In addition, obtaining medicines via the illicit market puts the man in danger because of the influx of products of unknown content and do not meet safety standards.

At this point in time there is little evidence that cannabinoids are able to improve depressive and anxiety disorders as well as Tourette’s syndrome, psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder. In order to put an end to this question, scientists need to conduct further studies examining the immediate impact of marijuana on the treatment of mental disorders. What do you think, can weed do to have a beneficial impact on the human body? Let’s try to discuss this issue in our Telegram chat.

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