Is it time to worry the Microsoft of the Linux system?

مايكروسوفت ويندوز لينكس

مايكروسوفت ويندوز لينكسAlthough the car almost exclusively, of Microsoft Corporation on the market of operating systems dialogue, however, this did not prevent competitors from developing other operating systems, but Google developed the “Chrome OS”, and Apple TV since the eighties of the last century as “Mac OS”, and finally the Linux system to the developer by the non-profit Foundation, which is an open source system.

Despite being free, except that the rate of adoption of Linux was not very large, the Fes use is confined to a specific category despite the large number of signatures available. But in 2018, you may begin the balance of power in the field even if very slightly due to some changes initiated by Samsung in 2017.

After the disclosure of “DEX” DeX, supplement which converts devices “Galaxy S 8″ and”Note 8” to the edges, talked to Samsung about developing an application to simulate a Linux system on those devices, to the user that the distro of Linux on his cell phone once got a flat screen and keys, and this coupled with the Android system of the building, basically using the Linux kernel.

What only months ago was said until the company went out Razer participation of the new campaign name is Linda, a structure of a computer laptop consisting of a QWERTY keyboard and a hard drive for storage Add to the card only, a structure becomes useful after placing the phone company, so that it uses as the tracking of the mouse TrackPad on one hand, the Processor of the computer, on the other hand.

Based on that, will be able users -if you saw the project of light – use Linux system flavoring the taste of Android on the edges of the project Linus also, the increased popularity of Linux on laptops and desktops after years of control Windows. And that popularity may increase significantly if the rest of the companies the same concept.

In case of Success, the idea of using a smartphone like the intersect also regardless of the supplement or method, the Android system, Linux kernel, they are fundamental to those efforts, especially with the possibility of use of the application store Android, to get the user to experience the use of simple and rich with the tools, on the other hand, this may mean that Microsoft and Windows has to pee they even slightly at the moment, waiting what will the rest of the year at this level.

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